Crypto Bank Review

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Why You Shouldn’t Use This Auto-trading Software

Many people want to trade cryptocurrency online and don’t know the first thing about it. They need help, so they often turn to auto-trading robots. There are countless versions on the market, but they aren’t all the same. In fact, some of them make claims that are downright false to scam you.

If you hope to sign up and use an auto-trading program, you may have considered using Crypto Bank. However, stop right there and do not sign up! We’ve investigated this platform thoroughly and have found that it is entirely a scam site! Therefore, if you did already make a deposit through the Crypto Bank robot, it could be completely lost to you, and there may be no way to retrieve the money you spent. Crypto Bank and other scam bots like it are there only to steal the money from traders. However, consequently, they can expose private information or sell it to other scammer websites and individuals.

In our extensive review, we take a serious look at Crypto Bank and explain why we think it’s a scam. We’re also going to provide tips to help you avoid similar scamming websites. Of course, on our website, we offer a list of quality robots that do what they promise and provide this information to you, as well. The robots in our recommended list go through some rigorous tests before we approve them as legitimate.

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Is Crypto Bank Legit? NO!

  • TrustPedia has given Crypto Bank a low legitimacy score. We find that the techniques it uses to gain new signups are very deceptive.
  • Crypto Bank isn’t accurate at all. Other traders have made many complaints against it, showing consistent losses while using this web-trader app.
  • Our testing has shown this web-trader to be completely fake. In fact, it’s a webpage that’s designed to look like a web-trading website. However, it doesn’t feature algorithms as the legitimate bots do.
  • Read more now to find out about Crypto Bank. If you’re interested in a legit trading software, read our Bitcoin Champion review to understand why you should use them instead.

What Is Crypto Bank?

Crypto Bank claims itself to be a fully automated trading robot and can help you navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading. It is supposed to assist people to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos through CFDs. This is where you guess the price of a particular cryptocurrency and make money when you are right (or close).

However, the investigation by TrustPedia shows that this website is a complete scam. If you deposit money on it, you could lose it all within a few hours because it isn’t really live trading with Crypto Bank. TrustPedia has carried out an extensive live test for Crypto Bank and determines that it makes losses consistently while rarely paying out, if ever.

We’re almost 100 percent positive that Crypto Bank reports signals that are really predetermined losses and doesn’t provide any trading technology, though it claims it does.

Crypto Bank Review: Why This Is a Scam?

Though we don’t take scams lightly, we feel that this one is comical in a way. It claims that traders who use it can see immense wealth.

Right from the beginning, this website tells a variety of lies just to get you to sign up and deposit the funds. If you were unfortunate enough to do this already and didn’t read our review, you have our deepest sympathy. Sadly, your deposit is gone, and there isn’t a way you can get it back.

As you can see below, the platform is presented to be a web-trader, but it is entirely fake. Also, all of the brokers listed on this website aren’t genuine robot partners. There isn’t any legal registration or regulation for them.

Other scam bots use the same tactics as Crypto Bank. The primary goal for it is to hit you when you’re having financial troubles. You’re desperate to make money, so you join it in the hopes that you do. This site’s first approach is to email you with spam messages. You might actually be reading this review because the company sent you an email you never requested. Generally, it claims to help make people money without them having to do anything.

Ridiculously Fake Testimonials

On the Crypto Bank website, it features testimonials from ‘members.’ Each one features a flash photograph with the people bathing in money or standing by a jet, making you assume that they got all that from the website.

However, from our investigation at TrustPedia, we know that such testimonials aren’t legitimate. We found that the reviewers aren’t members at all but have been hired as actors to portray average people. Anyone could spend their money and pose beside a jet plane and pretend it’s theirs. Many scamming robots use such photos on the testimonials.

Robots with show-off testimonials like that are sure to be a scam. Watch out for any photos that seem too good to be true and read closely what the people actually say in the testament. Do this before you register or deposit funds with any auto-trader. In this case, we believe that you shouldn’t register with Crypto Bank at all. If you already have, please don’t fund your account because it is sure to be lost.

Fake Web-Trader and Partner Brokers

Crypto Bank claims it has a web-trader, but it’s only a webpage. It’s designed to look like other trading platforms, but it’s just not real. TrustPedia’s investigation shows that there is no algorithm used by the website, so the results it generates are predetermined.

Therefore, there are no live trades performed while using the platform. As with similar scam bots, Crypto Bank depends on its scam brokers to help it get the money from any deposits being made. It can’t use legitimate brokers because the bots are going to know that the company is deceptive. Since these fake brokers aren’t regulated, they aren’t held accountable. They can easily steal your money through the deposits you make, and you can’t recover them.

We feel that you should only use brokers that are regulated through the right agencies. Generally, these include CySec, ASIC, FSB, and FCA for forex and crypto trades. While there are other jurisdictions and regulatory agencies, they might not be legitimate. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them. Likewise, if the auto-trading robot doesn’t offer proof as to the robots it uses, steer clear of them and don’t deposit money or sign up with them. For example, Anon System and Crypto Bull App are considered scams by the TrustPedia team because the bots they use have regulatory issues.

Don’t be fooled, but don’t fear that there aren’t any legitimate auto-traders on the market. We have researched brokers extensively and found many to be suitable and recommended. Bitcoin Champion and Bitcoin Era uses recommended brokers, so it’s a great idea to sign up and deposit money on it instead.

No Withdrawals Available with Unsafe Deposit Practices

We ultimately found that Crypto Bank doesn’t offer data protection, and there are no policies in place for this. For example, the website keeps billing details longer than it should and uses it for things other than its intended purpose.

Also, we quickly noticed that the deposit page has no encryption at all. The entire site isn’t encrypted. Therefore, if you input any information about yourself or your bank account information, hackers find it easy to intercept and ultimately steal the data. This means they can copy personal info, including your birth date, which can be used to steal your identity.

As with other scamming robots, Crypto Bank doesn’t allow its members to withdraw any earned capital. It claims that you can do so anytime, but there is no way to retrieve it when you fund your account. The scammers on the site share the deposits with their scam brokers. You don’t know any of this has happened for a while, so you think that you have provided a legitimate web-trader your money and can make live trades. Our investigation has revealed that Crypto Bank never responds to requests for withdrawal. If you continue to ask for your money, you are banned from the platform, and your login credentials are canceled.

Who Created Crypto Bank?

Usually, legitimate auto-trading programs offer information on the creators. While most founders don’t want their names included for security and safety reasons, you can read the about us section on the website. However, Crypto Bank doesn’t appear to have this option. We didn’t even get the rags-to-riches sob story that most founders include.

Though some scam websites offer a blank about us page, Crypto Bank doesn’t even do that. Therefore, we’re almost sure that this robot isn’t legitimate

Is Crypto Bank a Scam? The Verdict!

As of right now, you should be convinced that Crypto Bank is a complete scam. If you’re still unsure, then we don’t think anyone could help you see its dirty tricks. This platform has every negative characteristic of a scam web-trader website.

We can guarantee with almost 100 percent certainty that Crypto Bank is just out to steal your money. You’re going to lose anything you deposit on the site, but that’s not all! Since there is no encryption or data protection, anything you provide on the website could be stolen by hackers and used to steal from you. Of course, we can’t be sure of this, but we worry that the fake auto-trader sells member information to the dark web!

Our investigation does show that there aren’t data protection features, nor could we find a privacy policy located on the site. This shows us that the information you provide could be shared with third parties, and the company doesn’t have to get your permission to do this.

It is TrustPedia’s recommendation that you don’t use Crypto Bank at all. Instead, consider BitQT App or Bitcoin Champion. These web-traders are both considered legitimate, and we have thoroughly tested them. Where Bitcoin Champion is concerned, you’re sure to see daily returns on your investment. Please stay away from Crypto Bank and the brokers that it uses, such as Crypto Bull App and Anon System.

**Please remember: Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and haven’t been around as long in the financial markets. Therefore, they could be riskier than other options. Still, all investments can carry risk, so be aware and safe.


Though we have done our best to prove that Crypto Bank is a scam, you may still have questions or wonder which auto-trader for cryptocurrency is the best option. Some people may choose to read the FAQ section before the review to get an idea of what’s at stake. Regardless of your reasons, here is some helpful information to assist you in your quest to finding a more reputable auto-trader robot.

  1. Is Crypto Bank Legitimate?

    No! TrustPedia has thoroughly investigated Crypto Bank and finds that it is a full-on scam. It’s our recommendation that you don’t use it at all. This includes signing up and inputting personal information and depositing money. Instead, please try a tested and proven robot, such as Bitcoin Champion or BitQT App.

  2. How Much Money Can be Deposited on Crypto Bank?

    While you can deposit any amount of money on Crypto Bank, we advise you not to do so. If you choose to add money to your account here, you can be sure you’re going to lose it. Crypto Bank is a scam. Though it only requires you to invest $250, it is probably going to try to get more from you.

  3. What Can I Earn Using Crypto Bank?

    Crypto Bank is a scam, pure and simple. Therefore, you aren’t going to earn any money while utilizing the platform. In fact, we believe you could lose every penny of your initial deposit. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it; instead, try a reputable auto-trader, such as BitQT App or Bitcoin Champion.

  4. Can I Withdraw Profits and Deposits from Crypto Bank?

    No, you cannot withdraw money from Crypto Bank. If you deposit any amount into the fund, it cannot be removed. Legitimate robots allow you to take out your full investment to show transparency and honesty. This is proof that they are legitimate bots. However, Crypto Bank doesn’t offer this option. You aren’t going to see profits and can lose money. Then, if you try to withdraw the rest of your funds, this isn’t an option anywhere on the web trader. While customer service is open, you always get the runaround when asking to remove your money. Members who become adamant have their membership revoked so that the bot can keep your initial deposit.

  5. What Should I Use Instead of Crypto Bank?

    Those who want to use a trading robot should look for reputable ones. We believe Bitcoin Champion, Crypto Engine and BitQT App are two of the best. Please read the review on Bitcoin Champion to learn more about it. Likewise, you can go right to either website to sign up.