Crypto Boom Review

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Whether you’re an expert trader or someone who has begun trading today, you probably have noticed the number of trading apps currently available for you. These tools came recently to help traders at all levels optimize their trading strategies so that they don’t spend that much time looking at their monitors.

Trading has always been known as an activity that requires a lot of time and patience. If you can’t take the time to monitor your trades and the market, you’re not likely to make any results in the short or long term. 

However, trading apps came up to ease that problem a bit. Depending on the service you decide to use, you can easily set up your trading parameters according to the most recent market trends thanks to user-friendly tools. If you’re a beginner, you may have an easier time understanding how trading works.

Unfortunately, not all trading apps are equally efficient. Some scammers have taken advantage of the trading trend and have created fake software to steal users’ information and bank account data, which can be dangerous.

Our goal here is to help you address those situations more efficiently, and the best way to do that is to make detailed and transparent reviews of all the trading apps we find online.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Crypto Boom, which is a trading robot that has been around for some time now. This software has mixed reviews, but its positive ones don’t fully convince us, which is why we decided to take a closer look at it.

If you’re ready to discover what Crypto Boom may (or may not) have in store for you, make sure to stick to the end of this Crypto Boom review and share it with anyone who may need it too!

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Identifying a Fake Trading Robot

In case you’re new to trading, you may be wondering what makes a trading robot real or fake. At first glance, most of these apps look the same. The trick scammers use in this case is to copy web designs entirely so that they can lure beginners into the fake website. However, these fake web designs don’t have the true algorithms or tools most real trading platforms use.

Even then, it may seem difficult for anyone to notice a fake trading app right away, but since we’ve worked with several of those over the years, we can tell you how you can try and avoid these fake websites.

Web Content

The first thing you must pay attention to when choosing a trading platform is its home page content. In essence, the home page is the primary page of every trading robot, and developers use that page to teach new users how the app works, what they can expect, and other important details.

One vital thing about fake trading robots is that the ‘developers’ often don’t know how trading works at all! In those cases, they may try to copy information from legitimate software and put something together on their website. Unfortunately, that strategy often leads to contradictory claims on the same page, so if you pay close attention, you may catch a mistake or two.

Reviews and Testimonies

As with most products and services, one of the best ways to tell if something is good or not is by looking at reviews or asking someone you know. If someone recommends you that service or product, you may be good to go.

The problem with trading software is that you can’t tell whether the reviews are real or not. Anyone can grab a stock image of someone else online and write anything they consider correct for a review.

As mentioned before, scammers often don’t know how trading works at all, so they believe the easiest way to lure new customers in is to tell them they can make a lot of money with the software. If you ever notice a trading robot that uses these tactics to make you sign up for it, it may potentially be a scam.

Trading Platform

Last but not least, we have the trading platform itself; this is the trickiest part if you’re a beginner. Overall, the best way to tell if the product is fake is by testing it. If it doesn’t work as advertised, it may be a scam.

Some common signs of fake trading platforms are slow withdrawals, unreliable tools, suspicious trading results, and others.

Is Crypto Boom a Scam or Legit?

If you can’t wait until the end of the article to read our verdict, you may read this small section.

Overall, all the signs we discovered when testing Crypto Boom led us to believe that it’s not a reliable trading robot. Here are some of the key points surrounding our decision:

  • The trading app’s home page is filled with unreliable, contradictory, and unrealistic claims.
  • The app doesn’t work as advertised.
  • A lot of the reviews seem suspicious.
  • The ‘Privacy Policy’ document seems to be copied off of somewhere else.

There’s a lot more ground to cover in this Crypto Boom review, so make sure to keep reading if you want to know our full story!

What Is Crypto Boom?

Crypto Boom claims to be a high-quality Bitcoin trading robot people at any trading level can use to improve their strategies. According to the home page content, the app uses state-of-the-art tools and algorithms to show you the best trading outcomes possible so that you can create your strategy around them.

One of Crypto Boom’s primary selling points is that it claims it can make automatic trades on your behalf. While this is a common tool among trading apps, this one also claims that it can do everything on your behalf.

Even if you can make automatic trades, you cannot assume the trading platform is also going to create the strategy for you. Trading apps (especially Bitcoin trading apps) require human input to achieve the correct strategy to use.

We found those claims suspicious enough to make a verdict, but we decided to dig further. The developers also claimed that you could switch to manual trading if you felt confident enough, so we decided to give it a try regardless of all the red flags we saw on the home page.

Generally speaking, we weren’t satisfied with what we found on our first day reviewing Crypto Boom. The home page was filled with generic information that we’ve seen in many other scam robots, so that’s not a great start for the developers. 

Still, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so make sure to keep reading if you want to find out what else we discovered in this Crypto Boom review!

Why Is Crypto Boom an Unreliable Trading Robot?

There are several things to address regarding Crypto Boom. As mentioned before, the home page didn’t give us a good impression, so all that’s left to do is look at the rest of the platform and see what it comes up with.

Regarding the home page, keep in mind that a legitimate trading robot developer is going to tell you essentially what the app does to help you trade better instead of telling you how much money you’re supposed to make from it.

Keep in mind that nobody shares the same trading results, so it’s absurd to make claims regarding profit. Moreover, we didn’t find anything particularly special about Crypto Boom. As mentioned before, we mostly found generic information we’ve already seen in other trading sites, so even if it isn’t a scam, it isn’t something remarkable to use either.

Still, there are other factors regarding Crypto Boom that led us to believe that this may not be a good trading option for you. Keep reading to find out what these factors are:

Generic Software Information

We’ve already mentioned this before, so we’re not going to dive deeper into it. In essence, the company behind Crypto Boom makes a lot of claims that seem to be copied off from somewhere else. 

This means that you’re not sure if the privacy policies and data protection measures are real or not, which can be extremely dangerous for users. Since this website uses generic information, there’s no way to verify the authenticity of its claims.

Lack of Transparency

In the case of Crypto Boom, there are a lot of sections on the home page talking about how you can become an expert trader within a couple of days of using the app. Not only is that unrealistic, but the company doesn’t even tell you how the app is supposed to do that.

Since the website is made up mostly of generic information, we can’t verify any of the claims we saw there. The company made quite a few claims regarding the app having a particular accuracy percentage. We don’t know where these numbers came from, so we can’t tell if it’s true.

On the other hand, the developers didn’t share any information about themselves, including phone numbers or addresses to contact them. This means that if you ever have a problem with the platform, you may not be able to reach out to the company or take legal action if you ever lose your money there.

There are no verification processes for Crypto Boom. All you need to sign up is your email address, full name, and password. While that may seem to be an excellent thing, it may also be something that turns out in the company’s favor in the end. 

Most trading platforms require some sort of ID verification so that the company knows it’s dealing with a real person. Crypto Boom doesn’t do this, meaning it doesn’t care who signs up as long as they give it money.

Fake Trading Platform

According to our research, Crypto Boom’s trading platform is mostly made up of trading signals that it sends to the user. It didn’t give us anything that was advertised on the company’s home page.

Trading signals don’t involve a ‘powerful algorithm’ as the company claims; this means that the algorithm may not even exist.

Fake Brokers

Considering we don’t know anything about the people behind Crypto Boom, it’s also good to assume that we don’t know anything about its brokers. The company didn’t provide us with any credentials that could verify the authenticity of said brokers.

Keep in mind that all brokers must be qualified and regulated to handle your money. That’s not the case here, so all of your money is exposed when you make your first deposit with Crypto Boom.

Fake Security Measures

As we mentioned several times throughout this review, the privacy policy, data protection, and other security measures mentioned in Crypto Boom’s home page seem to be copied off from somewhere else. There’s nothing that tells us that Crypto Boom is truly saving our personal information and not selling it to third parties.

Is There Any Information on Crypto Boom’s Creator?

Unfortunately, there’s not a single piece of information on Crypto Boom’s website that ties the robot to someone in particular. Most trading platforms choose not to share personal information to protect themselves, but in the case of Crypto Boom, there’s not even contact information, meaning users are left in the dark once their money has been deposited.

Is Crypto Boom a Scam or Legit? | Our Verdict!

In this particular case, we can say that Crypto Boom is not a legitimate trading robot. While we cannot say for certain that the company is 100% stealing users’ money, we can confirm it’s one of the most unreliable platforms we’ve ever tested, and we didn’t even have any contact address or number that we could use to reach out to the company.

Here’s a list of key factors that led us to believe that Crypto Boom isn’t reliable:

  • The brokers aren’t regulated.
  • There’s no information about the developers.
  • The web content is full of generic information.
  • The testimonials are suspicious.
  • There are no verifiable security policies.
  • There’s not a verification process for new users.

There are several trading robots out there you can use to improve your trading experience. While Crypto Boom is sadly not going to be that option for you, we have a list of reliable robots that are ready for you to sign up on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Crypto Boom Have a Mobile App?

    We didn’t see any instances of Crypto Boom having a mobile app. All of our testing was done on a desktop computer.

  2. Is Signing Up for Crypto Boom Free?

    Yes, signing up for Crypto Boom is entirely free of charge. However, we don’t recommend you share your personal information with this website.

  3. Is Crypto Boom a Scam?

    According to our research, Crypto Boom seems to be a scam, and we don’t recommend anyone deposit their money there.