Crypto Bull App Review

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Is There a Crypto Bull App Scam Out There?

One thing is clear: cryptocurrency trading is highly popular throughout the world. This is because digital currency offers a variety of benefits that regular money can’t. Things like privacy and confidentiality are always high on the list of reasons to use crypto. However, you can also gain access to your money and make transactions quickly with lower fees required.

If that weren’t enough, crypto CFD trading allows almost anyone to trade without having a lot of trading experience in the markets. Therefore, you don’t need to know much about the financial markets or have any expertise with them. Also, you don’t require thousands of dollars so that you can buy Bitcoin directly. There are many reputable online brokers with which to work, so almost anyone can make profits by trading cryptocurrencies.

Another significant benefit of trading like this is because crypto trading is increasing, so there have been a variety of trading products developed. For example, you now have analysis tools, automated trading robots, expert brokers and advisors, and many others. These products and services were primarily developed to reduce your risk while trading and maximize profits.

The auto-trading bots are what we review in-depth so that we can provide you and all traders with honest and accurate information. Today, we are focusing on Crypto Bull App.

If you’re thinking of signing up for Crypto Bull App, please stop right now! We have fully investigated this platform and have found that it is a scam website. Therefore, if you make any deposits on this bot, you could very well lose them. Scam bots, such as Crypto Bull App, not only take people’s money, but your private information may not be safe.

In this review, we are planning to go deep into the world of Crypto Bull App and tell you exactly why it is a scam. We are also going to help you find out how to identify and avoid similar scams. Also, we are going to recommend a better alternative to you, which we have tested and found to be legitimate.

Continue reading our Crypto Bull App review, or go straight to Crypto Engine, a legitimate bot just by clicking the Trade Now link.

What to do instead?

No fees
$250 deposit, minimum
Accepts credit/debit cards

Is Crypto Bull App Legit? NO!

  • TrustPedia gives Crypto Bull App a score of legitimacy of three percent – It often uses deceptive techniques to get new people to sign up.
  • Crypto Bull App has a zero percent accuracy rating from us – We have seen many complaints from traders who consistently lose money through the web-trader app.
  • Our tests have revealed that the web-trader is actually fake – It is just a simple webpage that works to mimic real web-traders on the market, but it doesn’t feature the same algorithms.
  • Continue reading to find out more about Crypto Bull App, or visit our Crypto Engine review to learn about a highly profitable and legit robot.

What Is Crypto Bull App

Crypto Bull App claims that it is a fully automated trading bot that was designed specifically to handle a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. However, TrustPedia has investigated and shows that this is a scam. You could be likely to lose all of your money within just a few hours of live trading with this app. TrustPedia carried out a live test using Crypto Bull App and determined that the app makes consistent losses. We are about 99.9 percent sure that Crypto Bull App reports its predetermined losses and doesn’t offer any trading technology.

Unlike Crypto Bull App, Crypto Engine and Bitcoin Digital does use an algorithm and analyzes the financial markets to ensure that the best deals are made.

Crypto Bull App Scam: The Test Results Explained!

Crypto Bull App is quite the laughable scam because it claims it is the key to having immense wealth. The company tells a variety of lies to get its traders to make the minimum deposit.

Sometimes, it even asks for higher deposits to get more money from unsuspecting newbies. Once that happens, the money is mysteriously gone. As you are going to see below, its platform is presented as a web-trader, but it is fake. Also, the brokers that are listed as partners aren’t genuine. Likewise, there is no regulation or legal registration of the brokers.

Like a variety of other scam bots, this one’s primary target includes people who are suffering from financial difficulties. Its first approach to reach out to potential traders is by spam email. We suspect you are here reading this because you received such an unsolicited email that claims to provide you with an opportunity to make a lot of money without spending any money.

Ridiculous and Fake Testimonials

On the website, you are going to see testimonials, which are accompanied by exciting photos of people posing with private jets and bathing in money.

However, TrustPedia’s investigation has revealed that these testimonials aren’t real and that the reviewers are actually actors who have been hired to pose. You can pay to stand next to an airplane for a picture nowadays. Many scam robots utilize these types of photos with testimonials.

Robots with such blatant testimonials of showiness are sure to be scams. We often suggest that you pay close attention to these platforms before you choose to register. TrustPedia helps in your research because you get a comprehensive and unbiased review.

If you are looking for a legitimate auto trader, consider Crypto Engine.

Fake Partner Brokers and Web-Trader

The web-trader offered by Crypto Bull App is just a webpage, which mimics an authentic trading platform. Our investigation has shown that no algorithms are used, which means the results you get are predetermined by the company. In other words, no live trading happens on this platform at all.

As with similar scam robots, Crypto Bull App works because the brokers receive all the deposits. We mentioned earlier that these brokers aren’t regulated at all. Without such regulation, there is no oversight, so you can’t hold the brokers accountable for their actions. Therefore, the deposits you and other unsuspecting people make can’t be recovered.

It is up to you to ensure that the listed brokers are regulated by an appropriate agency. If the robot you choose doesn’t have any regulation, then you are sure to be scammed. Typically, the best regulators for crypto and forex brokers include CySec, FSB, FCA, and ASIC. Make sure that you avoid robots that claim to be regulated in any other jurisdiction because it is harder to prove or disprove. Often, the robot is going to say it is regulated and hope that you take its word. If you are interested in an auto trading bot with regulated brokers, consider Crypto Engine.

No Withdrawals and Unsafe Process for Deposits

We found that Crypto Bull App has no data protection policies in place.

While we can’t know for sure what it might try, we did realize that the auto trader kept all of the billing details of its customers and could resell or use them for ill-gotten gains. Furthermore, we noticed that the deposit page isn’t encrypted. The website itself is, but when you sign up and go to deposit money, the ‘https’ isn’t shown in the address bar.

Who Is the Founder?

As with other scam crypto trading bots, this one has no information about the founder.

We could not find a name, photo, or anything else about the person who supposedly created the bot. We believe that this also shows that Crypto Bull App is a fake.

Though some scam robots try to look more legitimate by creating fake founders and profiles, they use fictitious information. The scammers often hide their identity because they do not want to risk getting caught by local law enforcement or be apprehended by the authorities.

The Verdict!

Of course, all this information so far should prove to you that Crypto Bull App is a scam. If you haven’t realized it yet, maybe no one in the world could convince you.

This platform has every single characteristic that proves it is a scam robot. We can almost guarantee with 100 percent accuracy that you are going to lose money if you choose to deposit money onto this platform.

Additionally, there is a high chance that your personal information could become exposed to other scammers out there. Our investigation has shown that there are no data protection measures available at all. Plus, from the privacy policy listed, it appears that the company shares data with third parties. Because you are supposed to read the policies and using the site indicates agreement, you aren’t told that any information is shared or what is shared.

TrustPedia recommends that you do not use Crypto Bull App. Instead, you should consider Crypto Engine. We have fully tested Crypto Engine and have shown that it is a legitimate robot. With this robot, you could make daily returns of about 10 percent. Keep in mind that no trading is without risk, so there could be losses. However, there is an actual chance of winning, whereas Crypto Bull App doesn’t offer this.

What makes Crypto Engine Different

Crypto Engine is much different than TrustPedia for a variety of reasons:

Crypto Engine doesn’t charge you to use the website or create an account. Once you sign up, you are put in touch with reputable brokers with which the auto trader partners. You have access to an all-inclusive environment for trading and a platform that is easy to use. Of course, these brokers are regulated, so you know that they are going to keep your information safe and secure.

The biggest reason to use Crypto Engine is that there is an automated mode. You set the parameters, and it trades on your behalf. Therefore, you can go off and do other things, such as go to work or spend time with the family.

Of course, Crypto Engine is explicit and tells you that it is recommended to use the default trading parameters when you are new. However, you can customize them to meet your needs and can even turn off automatic trades and do it yourself. Regardless, you still have access to the algorithms, which provide helpful market data and analysis to ensure that you’ve got the right information.

This allows you to be in full control of your experience. When it comes to the volatility of trading crypto, you need this edge.

Crypto Engine has an 88 percent win rate, and this is because of the signals it provides. These are assets and help the bot decide when to trade. You can take advantage of all this and not require any experience making trades.

Of course, if you are a professional trader, you can still use the signals to confirm the analysis you’ve already performed. This also allows you to fine-tune your strategies.

We can also guarantee that Crypto Bull App did NOT have these signals and algorithms in place. Our tests proved that the wins and losses were predetermined, so no live trading goes on. However, this is not the case with Crypto Engine.

FAQs about Crypto Bull App

  1. Is Crypto Bull App legitimate?

    No! TrustPedia has investigated the auto trading bot extensively, and it shows that Crypto Bull App is indeed a scam. We suggest that you do not use it at all and consider a proven and tested robot instead.

  2. How much money could I make using Crypto Bull App?

    You cannot make money using Crypto Bull App. It is a complete scam website.

  3. Is there a safe web-trader I can use instead?

    Yes, there is. You can find a variety of safe auto-trading robots out there. Of course, it is always best to read information about them from a trusted review source, such as TrustPedia.

    From the moment you get on the website, it looks like other similar sites. However, its promises are more in-line with other legit auto traders. Of course, it allows you to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as ZCash, Ripple, Lisk, and Ethereum.

    Though it shows you information from famous people, these are talking in general about cryptocurrency. Nowhere has any of these celebrities used or mentioned Crypto Engine. However, the trading bot does not twist its words. It specifically says that these wealthy people are talking about Bitcoin specifically.

  4. How much money can I deposit with Crypto Bull App?

    While you can deposit any amount of money you want, we do not advise that you do this. You are going to lose any money that you deposit because the app is a scam. Though the minimum to deposit is $250, it is likely to try to solicit more money from you. Also, whatever money you do add to your account on Crypto Bull App is taken from you, so you cannot withdraw it and get it back.

    If that weren’t enough to steer clear of this web-trader, your private information could be sold to third-parties. There is no security on the website, so you run the risk of inputting credit/debit card numbers and having your identity stolen. It is not worth it. Instead, consider a proven robot.

  5. Can I withdraw any money I make from Crypto Bull App?

    If you are unlucky enough to deposit money in your Crypto Bull App account, it is lost to you. The company claims you can withdraw money, but our tests showed that it is impossible to remove any of the trading capital you put into the account.