Crypto Investor Review

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Is This Auto-Trader Legit?

If you think it might be a good idea to sign up for the auto-trading robot called Crypto Investor, we want you to stop immediately! We have thoroughly investigated this web-trading platform and have found that it is a complete scam. Therefore, any deposits that you make and information you provide are likely to be stolen or lost to you. Of course, there are many scam robots similar to Crypto Investor, such as Anon System and Crypto Bull App. They’re designed to steal money from traders and could expose their information to other scamming sites.

In this review, it is our goal to look deeper into Crypto Investor to tell you exactly why you shouldn’t use it. We also want to help you realize when you might be dealing with a scammer auto-trader bot to reduce your risk. Of course, auto-trading platforms are beneficial to everyone when they work. Therefore, we are going to give you information about legitimate bots that we have reviewed extensively first. That way, you’ve got the help you need to find the most suitable application.

Please continue reading our Crypto Investor review. You may also go directly to a legitimate bot, such as Crypto Engine.

What to do instead?

No fees
$250 deposit, minimum
Accepts credit/debit cards

Is Crypto Investor a Legit Trader Bot? NO!

  • At TrustPedia, we give legitimacy scores and find that Crypto Investor only gets two percent. Its main goal is to get new signups any way it can, usually through deceptive techniques.
  • Crypto Investor has no accuracy at all, so it is sitting at zero percent. We have read many complaints from traders who have made significant losses by using the web-trader.
  • Our complete test has shown that the entire web-trader is a fake. It’s just a simple webpage and mimics a web-trader, but it doesn’t have the appropriate algorithms to do any good.
  • Read more about Crypto Investor below. You may also want to read a legitimate bot’s review. Consider reading about Bitcoin Pro and Crypto Engine right now.

What’s Crypto Investor?

Crypto Investor is supposed to be an auto-trading robot that can be used to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

However, TrustPedia has investigated the site thoroughly and has determined that it is a full scam. You could lose every penny you invest here. In fact, many people spend a few hours on the site to make live trades and don’t earn any profits while depleting the capital in their account.

TrustPedia tried to carry out a live testing of Crypto Investor, but we find that there are no algorithms used and that the system doesn’t actually do live trades. The ‘earnings’ are predetermined, so you are going to consistently lose. Of this, we are 99.9 percent sure.

The Results Explained for Crypto Investor

We have found Crypto Investor to be one of the easiest-to-spot scams on the market.

For one, it claims that you are going to get immense wealth from using it. In fact, it tells you so many lies, it made our heads spin, and we couldn’t figure out what was the truth. The goal of the company is to get you to deposit at least $250 into your account. Once you do that, it goes missing, though the company claims that you invested it and lost it all.
The platform is presented to be a web-trader, but it’s fake. Also, it lists broker robots that aren’t genuine and have no regulation or registration.

Like many of the other scam robots, its primary goal is to steal money from people who are going through a financial hardship. You need financial freedom the most, and it preys on you in the hopes that you are going to add money. Generally, they start with a spam email, which might be why you are on the TrustPedia site to learn more about it.

Ridiculous and Fake Testimonials

Have you ever seen pictures of people standing by airplanes? Often, they come with captions that let you know it was a posed photo session. However, anyone can rent a plane and take pictures of themselves. Some even do so and act like they own the jet plane. Then, these photos are shown on Crypto Investor, and you are made to think that the person made so much money through the platform that they could afford such luxuries.

Other people are shown to be covered in money. Again, the depiction is that they made all that because they used Crypto Investor. This is false advertising and not real at all. Generally, scam robots use these tactics in the hopes that you are wowed by the potential and end up giving money to the web trader.

TrustPedia has proven that the testimonials on the site are fake and that the reviewers are actually actors that were hired. Please be aware that any auto-trading robot with testimonials of people appearing with a lot of money or by expensive items are sure to be scams. We think it’s best for you to scrutinize these platforms and consider choosing different ones. TrustPedia has made this process much easier because we offer comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

Consider reading the review for Bitcoin System or Profit Revolution if you want to consider legitimate trading robots.

Fake Partner Brokers and Web-trader

The web-trader found on Crypto Investor is just a webpage. It looks like the real trading platforms found on legit sites, but it isn’t. In fact, there isn’t an algorithm that scans the markets and finds the best deals. The results this webpage generates are all predetermined. You might win a small sum so that you continue making trades, but overall, you are going to lose money. No live deals happen on this platform. Like a variety of other scamming robots, Crypto Investor depends on the brokers to help it take the deposits. These brokers are also scams. There’s no regulation here at all. This means that you have no way to hold the broker accountable, and it doesn’t have to be responsible with your money. In fact, we believe that any deposits made on the site through the brokers listed are stolen and never recovered.

You must ensure that the brokers on the auto-trading platform are regulated. If you’re working with crypto or forex brokers, the best options include those with regulations through CySec, ASIC, FSB, or FCA. If the robot doesn’t list an affiliation or has regulations from other jurisdictions, you may want to steer clear of it and the auto-trading platform. To find out what a legitimate robot-broker should have, consider our review about ForexTB or CPL One Review.

No Ability to Withdraw Money and Unsafe Practices

We’ve found that Crypto Investor doesn’t have any data protection policies in place. In fact, it appears that it keeps your billing details, which can then be stolen by hackers or sold to third parties. The deposit page isn’t encrypted, either. This means your information can be stolen right as you put it into the form. Banking details can be copied and intercepted. Like many other scam robots, Crypto Investor doesn’t allow you to withdraw money. The capital you add to the account cannot be removed. Other web-traders let you do this to test the theory. The scammers on this platform end up sharing the deposit with the brokers. Though you believe that everything is real and legitimate, you lose money during the live trades. If you realize what’s happening, you can’t request the rest of your money back. Those who try to get banned from the website permanently.

You can try to request a withdrawal, but don’t expect anyone to answer. Though an email address is provided, it doesn’t work that we found. We actually asked some basic questions, some of which were found on the signup page. However, we never received a response. Any withdrawal requests are going to be ignored. If you are adamant, the owners might shut down the account to prevent you from continuing to ask.

What Is Crypto Investor?

We want to stop you immediately if you consider signing up for the auto trading robot Crypto Investor. We have found this web trading platform to be a complete scam during our investigations.

Any information provided to the services is likely to be stolen or lost, and any deposits you make will be deemed invalid. Anon System and Crypto Bull App are other cryptocurrency scam robots, but Crypto Investor is more unscrupulous.

This application is designed to steal money from investors and expose their information to other scamming websites. In today’s article, you learn the disadvantages of using Crypto Investor to invest in cryptocurrency markets.

Is Crypto Investor Legit? Our Verdict

Clearly, we have been telling you throughout this review that Crypto Investor is a fake web-trader and doesn’t even offer live trades or use an algorithm. If you haven’t figured that out by now, we don’t feel that anyone can convince you.

This particular platform has every characteristic of a scam auto-trading robot. We are 100 percent sure that you are going to lose the money you deposit onto this platform. In fact, we worry that your personal information might be exposed to hackers and other scammers. Our full investigation has shown that there aren’t data protection policies in place. Plus, Crypto Investor appears to share your data with other parties without requesting consent or caring about your protection.

We believe that you should stay away from Crypto Investor and choose Bitcoin Optimizer or a similar legitimate robot. We have fully tested Bitcoin Optimizer and the other legit robots mentioned in this review. Therefore, you are sure to see profits, though the amounts can vary.
It does depend on the market and other factors, but they do have the potential for you to earn money.