Crypto MasterBot Review

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Is Crypto MasterBot legit?

Crypto MasterBot is an automated trading platform system that grants users the ability to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Due to the system’s automation, you don’t need any prior experience in trading to use this platform.

Automated trading platforms have only recently been invented. However, this automation isn’t a strange concept for many to understand as it’s taken the world by storm. As a result of this, there are many users making use of such automated trading platforms.

With the creation of different automated trading platforms, there are bound to be discrepancies in the performance of each trading platform. Thus, there is some trading platform that can be deemed as trustworthy and others that can’t. Each trading platform has its skeptics. Some have more than others, and for a good reason. Thus, it’s important to understand which trading platform you should invest your money in and which should be avoided at all costs.

Crypto MasterBot is a trading platform that’s met with heaps of skeptics. Today, we are going to look at the finer details that make up Crypto MasterBot to help decide whether Crypto MasterBot is legit or not. Thus, to help you decide whether you want to use the trading platform present on the Crypto MasterBot platform. After conducting an extensive amount of research, this is what we found:

What to do instead?

No fees
$250 deposit, minimum
Accepts credit/debit cards

Is Crypto MasterBot Trustworthy?

After our extensive research, we have to, unfortunately, inform you that Crypto MasterBot is not legit.

According to the real-time testing that was conducted, we found that the real legitimacy offered by Crypto MasterBot is exceptionally low and only reaches two percent effectiveness. This two percent figure indicates there is going to be an infrequent occurrence where you won’t be earning a profit.

An alternative phrasing of this would be that you are never going to be able to procure any sort of benefit from using the Crypto MasterBot platform. Some automated trading platforms that you may want to consider are Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Champion.

Crypto MasterBot Review

When compared to any other cryptocurrency trading platforms that are equipped with automation features, the Crypto MasterBot claims to work with similar technologies as these trading platforms but fails to reap the same benefits.

The platform designed for Crypto MasterBot is based on high-frequency trading. This is the same feature that’s incorporated into most cryptocurrency trading platforms, which allows the platform to use a set of rules as a means to detect market changes.

Standard cryptocurrency trading platforms use high-frequency trading to analyze enormous amounts of data generated from the market. After this data has been studied and processed, the profitable deals are identified and placed. This process allows users to gain a return on their trade.

However, the makers of the Crypto MasterBot platform don’t have any intention of providing the user with any payouts. Due to this feature, the technologies behind the Crypto MasterBot are not legit and are never going to provide this return on any trades.

How Does Crypto MasterBot Work?

The first element we would like to inform you about is that all of these fraud trading platforms incorporate a specific type of technology that provides these platforms with the ability to gain popularity and people’s support. We have heard many people ask how these fraud platforms are so popular, and this incorporation of specialized technology works as a reasonable answer to this question.

One way that this popularity is generated is from the implementation of hype marketing. However, this tactic isn’t necessarily used in Crypto MasterBot’s marketing strategy. All of the official home pages of any cryptocurrency trading platform provides users with a vast amount of information pertaining to the system and services offered.

The home page of Crypto MasterBot’s official website provides this information. However, all of this data is fake and untrue. The sad truth is that one can’t identify that Crypto MasterBot is a fraud unless they look closely into what is said on the website. Even still, users need to experience the platform for themselves to ensure that their conclusions are indeed true.

Moreover, all of the information available on the Crypto MasterBot official website is either copied or made up. The creators of this trading platform claim that its functions have the ability to conduct trades by analyzing thousands of market charts in a mere split second.

We have a vast amount of knowledge in the trading world and aren’t aware of such a technology that holds this capability. Thus, if this were indeed true, surely the platform would be mountains ahead of other trading platforms and be able to provide users with a return on trades. However, this isn’t the case. In providing users with this information, the makers of Crypto MasterBot are trying to make this platform look legitimate.

What Are the Features of Crypto MasterBot?

Deposits and Withdrawals

It’s clear that any withdrawals won’t be processed when using the Crypto MasterBot platform. The platform integrates brokers, which are ordinarily used to conduct the withdrawal process. However, the brokers integrated into the Crypto MasterBot are hackers who are going to take all of your money.

Customer Service

The customer service offered on this platform is never present, and even if it was, it’s highly unlikely that those behind the service would help you. The agenda behind creating this platform was never to provide profit to its users.

Verification System

A good way to identify whether a platform is legitimate is by seeing if the platform asks you to verify yourself. Fraudulent platforms are going to ask you to do this because they don’t care about your identity. These platform creators only care about your money. There isn’t any verification system present on the Crypto MasterBot platform, which supports the claim that it’s not legit.


This has already been identified as false as you’re guaranteed never to gain any profit on trading. For this reason, the payouts are never going to be processed, and you should expect to see any of this profit.


When you register on any trading platform, you’re automatically matched with a broker in your region who is required to place trading deals in your name. This is essentially how every automated cryptocurrency platform functions. However, all brokers integrated into this platform are complete frauds and aren’t going to place any deals on your behalf. These brokers are only going to take your money and leave you with nothing.

Costs and Fees

Although the Crypto MasterBot doesn’t charge any fees for using the platform, you can account for the initial investment and any other deposits made as the cost and fees of using the platform. This is because you aren’t going to see a return on that money and can essentially be flushing that money done the toilet, as you aren’t getting anything in return for it.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the creators of the Crypto MasterBot trading platform have designed it without the interests of the invest in mind. Rather, these platform creators have capitalized on these users and integrated features to take their money away from them under the pretense of trading cryptocurrency.

For this reason, we cannot recommend this automated trading platform to anyone as you aren’t going to gain any return on your investment. The only result that is expected when joining this Crypto MasterBot platform is that you’re going to lose all the money you invest into your Crypto MasterBot trading account.

With all that being said, we don’t advise you to use this platform to conduct trades in the cryptocurrency market. However, suppose you are looking to become a trader and wish to trade cryptocurrency. In that case, other choices for automatic trading platforms give customers the chance to profit from their transactions. These trading platforms are Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Champion.

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