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Easy-to-navigate platform
Fast deposits and withdrawals
Auto user-to-broker pairing
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • No charges for transactions
  • CySEC-licensed brokers
  • Supports about 15 cryptos
  • Fast and hassle-free registration
  • Various payment methods
  • Endless customizability
  • Availability of various cryptos
  • Not available in the US
  • A minimum deposit of $250 may be prohibitive
  • No dedicated native app
Crypto Trader Highlights
🤖 Type of Service Cryptocurrency trading
💰 Software Cost $0
💰 Withdrawal fee $0
📊 Type of platform Web-based and mobile app
💵 Deposit options Bank transfer, credit/debit card, cryptos, e-wallets
🌐 Countries USA, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Canada.

Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to diversify one’s portfolio. Fortunately, platforms such as Crypto Trader are built to make the process easier. The automated platform makes investing in crypto easier and eliminates the need to have a deeper understanding of markets, recent trends, and trading opportunities.

Crypto Trader is for new and seasoned traders to make the most of their experiences. It uses the latest trading technology and innovations to trade on users’ behalf. The platform aims at making the crypto investment journey as seamless as possible. This is a wonderful solution especially for those who don’t have to spend the whole day trading thanks to its user-friendly interface.

This platform relies on intricate innovations to analyze the crypto market 24/7. It can place calculated trades on behalf of users. The platform helps users to make sound decisions.

It doesn’t charge users for transactions and works 24/7 to keep up with highly volatile crypto market trends. The platform doesn’t allow users to trade in stocks and requires a minimum deposit of $250.

Withdrawals are available at any time, and the platform is continuously updated to keep up with market trends.

What Is Crypto Trader?

Crypto Trader was built by two brothers with a background in trading and statistics. The “dream team” developed the platform to build their crypto trading portfolio. It has various customizable features to match anyone’s needs and preferences. The platform’s different features help users increase their chances of getting a good return on their investment.

Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for new and seasoned traders. Users can easily customize the features of the platform with a few clicks. The platform relies on its analytic capabilities, leading to 90% accuracy in predicting trends. Users can set the platform to manual or auto mode to protect their investment in case of a dip in the market.

All users’ personal and financial information is encrypted and protected using AES-256 bit code.

Is Crypto Trader Legit?

People usually wonder whether a platform is legit before using its services. While reviewing Crypto Trader, we found it to be legit. The platform allows users to test its services in the demo version. This allows them to decide whether to continue with the live version of the platform. It also helps users minimize losses while trading with real money due to the gained experience.

Connecting users with registered and regulated brokers also prove the platform is legit. It shows that the platform’s developers want to protect traders’ investments.

How Crypto Trader Works?

Anybody interested in getting started with Crypto Trader must go through three easy steps highlighted below.

Step One

Potential users must fill out a registration form with their first name, last name, telephone number, and email. The platform sends a verification link with a code to verify their accounts on the platform. This verification process ensures that the email exists and belongs to a real person.

Step Two

After verifying their accounts, we strongly advise users to use the demo version of the platform. This is accessible in the settings section, and selecting “Demo Account.” Using the demo allows for discovering and testing the features of the platform.

When confident, users can switch to live trading. This requires depositing a minimum of $250 to begin trading. The platform doesn’t charge for deposits and withdrawals.

After funding their account, it’s time to begin trading. Users can set the platform to trade on their behalf in auto mode or trade manually. Trading is available 24/7 because there’s no limit on how many trades users can make in a day.

Crypto Trader Features

Below are the features of this platform we discovered during our review:

Users access a demo account after signing up on the platform. The demo is a simulation of the live account to allow users to discover the platform’s various features. It also allows users to develop winning strategies to limit losses during live trading. Users don’t deposit to use the demo, and we strongly advise anyone new to the platform to use it.

Crypto Trader allows users to take their money out of the platform anytime without hidden costs. Users can request to withdraw any time or day, and their money is likely to reflect in their accounts within 24 hours. However, the money may take a bit longer to reach the user’s account if it’s above $10,000 or depending on the payment method.

Users can contact the platform’s support team 24/7 and get faster responses. This is very important, given that the platform is holding your investment. Having reliable customer support when having issues with their accounts significantly boost user experience on the platform.

We discovered various reviews and testimonials about the platform, although we couldn’t prove whether they were moderated or approved. Many third-party review sites have positive reviews about Crypto Trader, proving that it is popular and vouched for by the Bitcoin community. Most users praise the platform for being easy to use, its high market predictability accuracy, and exceptional customer service.

After signing up on the platform, users are connected to an experienced and licensed broker. The brokers are licensed and regulated by CySEC to ensure that they don’t involve money laundering or other financial wrongdoings. The broker advises users to help them meet their financial goals and learn Bitcoin investing basics.

Crypto Trader App

We tested the platform’s app and found it working perfectly. Users can manage their accounts and enjoy all its features on mobile devices, whether Android, Windows, or iOS. It’s also available on tablets and desktops regardless of the operating system. The app allows seeing the auto-trading processes in real time and how your funds are being used.

Using the app is effortless, and it requires going through three steps. This makes using it more manageable, even for anyone without experience with apps. Its minimal navigation makes it easy for users to find whatever they want.

Crypto Trader Convenience

The trading platform is automatic, making its use highly accessible to newbies and experienced traders. Users can access Crypto Trader on their desktops, tablets, Android, iOS, or Windows devices. They can set the platform to auto or manual mode and use different payment options to fund their accounts.

Furthermore, the software has an intuitive interface for all users to enjoy its features. It regularly updates its technology to keep abreast with trends in the market. Users go through three easy steps to sign up on the platform and can withdraw their earnings anytime. It operates 24/7, and its minimum deposit of $250 is affordable for most traders.

Nonstop Trading

The platform works round the clock for users to track their investments. Its auto mode ensures that it trade on behalf of traders relying on parameters they set. The platform remains active even when users are sleeping or on their main jobs.

When they have time, they can set to manual mode to participate actively in their trading activity. Auto mode eliminates guess work and making poor judgment which encourage losses.

Is Crypto Trader Safe?

We discovered the platform to be secure. When creating an account, we had to fill in a legal name, email, and phone number. A verification code is sent to the email used to register to verify one’s account before accessing the dashboard.

Two-factor authentication limits fraud and unauthorized access to users’ accounts when depositing or withdrawing. It also applies when setting up a trade in manual or auto mode. The platform has comprehensive security protocols, including SSL encryption, to protect users’ accounts and investments.

The platform is also safe for users because they play an active role in all its processes. They set the trading parameters and when how to trade. Users can trade manually or in auto mode according to their preference. They can also set when to trade and stop depending on market conditions to limit losses and increase earnings chances.

Crypto Trader Pricing and Fees

The platform doesn’t charge any fees to use its services. It allows users to use the demo account without bombarding them with offers to switch to a premium version at a fee. Users can use the live version too freely after depositing the minimum amount.

After depositing, an experienced broker from the platform will call the user to offer guidance and walk them through using the platform.


Crypto Trader is a handy platform for traders interested in cryptocurrency. The niche platform focuses mainly on cryptos to offer specialized assistance to users. It’s built to help new and experienced users with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. The platform doesn’t charge transactions, subscriptions, or account maintenance.

It also deducts a small commission on profitable trades which is insignificant to users. This trading platform is safe and legit. Users are connected too CySEC-licensed brokers to guarantee the safety of their investments. The platform invests heavily in comprehensive security protocols such as SSL encryption to protect users’ information from cyberattacks.


Here are some frequently asked questions about using Crypto Trader:

How Can I Maximize With Crypto Trader?

We strongly recommend users start with small stakes until they develop winning strategies to limit losses. Users must also keep aside some of the profits made on the platform. They should always withdraw some profits from the platform just in case the market takes a dip.

Equally important is to avoid being overconfident and follow advice from their broker, who is more experienced. Having too much confidence may lead to losing money and frustration. The rule of thumb is for users to understand that they need to learn before they can begin making decent earnings on the platform.

Why Should I Choose Crypto Trader Over Other Platforms?

During our review, we discovered various features that make this platform stand out from its competitors. The platform has a high success score with the possibility of every user earning during their first session. We discovered that the platform has an accuracy level of 99.4% compared to other platforms on the market.

The platform has security protocols to protect users’ information and connect them to licensed and registered brokers to ensure their investments are in good hands. It’s free to use its services even after the demo version. Finally, the platform is for everyone, regardless of experience or skill set.

Who Is Crypto Trader Designed For?

The intuitive trading platform is designed for all users regardless of their experience or skills. Newcomers to cryptocurrency trading will love it for its endless support and customization options.

Even seasoned traders will find unique features not found on other platforms, such as its sheer simplicity. Overall, the platform is designed to promote seamless crypto trading for everyone.

Risk Disclaimer

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