Crypto Trader Review

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Easy to withdraw money
Low deposits
No hidden fees
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

The Ultimate Test for Legitimacy

When it comes to choosing an auto-trading robot to help you trade cryptocurrency, there are many options out there.

Crypto Trader is one of them, and it allows you to trade Bitcoin by determining what the price is going to do. The bot has high win rates, as shown by the many members who have written testimonials about it. However, is this auto-trader a scam? Our Crypto Trader review can help you find out.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, and there are many options out there. Just as you have US dollars and Euros, there are many cryptocurrencies.

Still, this one is the oldest and, therefore, the most popular. Even so, it wasn’t heavily traded until a few short years ago. Once the value soared quickly, it became an alternative currency and was traded extensively online.

Celebrities like trading Bitcoin and have made claims of wealth and riches because of this cryptocurrency. Of course, that’s the main reason why regular people think about investing in it. We often worry that celebrity endorsements are going to sway the public’s view, which happens quite frequently. Primarily, we didn’t want people to invest more than they had and risk losing everything.

Regardless, though, Bitcoin hit a value of $20,000 in 2019 and is continuing to soar in value. Therefore, those who did choose to trade Bitcoin have made a lot of money from it.

How Crypto Trader Makes You Money

Crypto Trader is an auto-trader tool that helps regular people make trades. You don’t need to spend endless hours analyzing the market or know much about online trading. Since there aren’t any celebrity endorsements, we rest a little easier because we feel that celebrity usage is just a tactic for advertising.

The auto-trader seems to get members because of its ability to earn them money instead of going off of what famous people say. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research CFDs, Bitcoin, and online trading in general. We feel that the market is extremely volatile and might be riskier to trade here than with exchanges. Still, the software is not a scam. It uses a powerful algorithm to search through a lot of data from past trades. This software can tell what Bitcoin did that particular day a year ago or a decade ago. Then, it pairs all that information up to determine current flows and can make trades when your parameters match the conditions it finds.

Win rates are high with this auto-trader, but nothing is ever guaranteed. Therefore, you should consider investing the lowest amount and ensuring that this money is ‘lose-able.’ That means you don’t need it for upcoming bills and can live without it if you lose it. Generally, people start at $250, which can earn them $1,000+ each day.

If you’re looking for legitimate software, then Crypto Trader is a great choice. Still, you need to use caution. Focus on the platform and how
to navigate it to feel more comfortable. Pay close attention to the speeds at which the trades are completed, as well.


  • Easy to withdraw money
  • High win rates
  • Low deposits
  • No hidden fees and commissions

The Verdict: Is Crypto Trader Scam?

  • Please be cautious
    and don’t ignore the risks of trading cryptocurrencies. They are highly volatile.
  • The Crypto Trader software features an algorithm
    making it have high success rates, the ability to earn money for its members.
  • Try it today using the free demo or read more
    of this review to learn more about the auto-trader.

Crypto Trader: What Is It?

We first visited the about us page on the website to learn more about the creators. While there wasn’t much available, we did read the story of the two geniuses and learned more about the platform. Of course, we’d like to know more, but we understand that they don’t want to be recognized by strangers. They might get bombarded with questions every time they left the house!

Though we don’t know much about the creators, the fact of the matter is you can earn a lot of wealth on Crypto Trader. It’s a newer system, but the algorithm is powerful enough to track historical data from decades ago. Therefore, it makes decisions faster than you could do yourself, giving you a competitive edge within the market. Since you’re paired with online brokers, you know something they don’t and can make significant amounts of money because of it.

The members who have written testimonials claim that you don’t require experience, and the platform is easy to use. Generally, they talk about their previous situation and how Crypto Trader helped them change it.

How Does Crypto Trader Work?

It’s free to sign up and use the software, but the first step is to create an account. Right now, we’d like to take a moment and tell you we don’t know for sure how the creators get paid. We do think that it’s based on what the members earn. In fact, the creators likely take a small percentage of your winnings and probably charge the brokers, too.

The software is fairly self-explanatory. You deposit an investment of at least $250. Then, you’re connected with a broker. There are many out there, but Crypto Trader primarily works with ForexTB, CPL One and Midaswms. Read more about them so that you’re aware of what they do and how they work. Since you’ve already signed up with Crypto Trader, you don’t have to create an account with any of the brokers, which means your personal information stays protected. Just choose manual or automated trading, set up the parameters you prefer, and start the process.


Making trades on Crypto Trader is easy, but you must first have an account. You don’t need to provide too much information. In fact, you need a name, cell number, email address, and a strong password. Make sure everything is correct, as you are going to need the information later.

Check your email with which you signed up. There should be a confirmation email with a link that you click to verify your information. When you tap the link, you’re automatically taken to the website. Now, you can use your new password to access your platform. Remember, this whole process is free, so the site isn’t going to ask for money or credit/debit information.

Take some time right now to get familiar with the platform. Pay close attention to the navigational tabs so that you know where everything is when you’re performing a trade. Now, it’s time to invest $250 or more. We feel it’s best to add the minimum amount to your account, but the choice is always yours.

Now, it’s time to start trading. Make sure you look at the trading parameters, which are set at default amounts. Change them if you desire, but we feel that beginners might prefer to leave them alone. Pick automated mode if you’re new to online trading. Experienced traders might like to try the manual version to have more control over the situation.

Why You Need Crypto Trader

There are seemingly endless auto-trading robots out there right now, so it’s hard to determine which one is best for you.

Make sure that the one you pick features an algorithm and has high win rates. Crypto Trader does all of that and more. Here are the reasons we feel you should be using this software instead of the others:

You can start trading with just $250. Therefore, you can see profits without investing a lot.

Set up the criteria you like for trading that make you feel confident and comfortable. Then, the software takes over and makes trades for you. There’s no need to analyze the markets for hours or sit at the computer all day.

Each trade is going to take about 20 minutes to complete, but you only have to spend 20 minutes a day to get everything set up.

The signup process is easy, and you don’t have to give out sensitive information. In fact, the form takes 30 seconds to fill out. Once you confirm everything through the email, you’re ready to go.

Can You Really Earn Money on Crypto Trader App?

You’re skeptical, and that’s completely normal. In fact, you’ve probably been researching bots for many months trying to make a decision. This is where TrustPedia comes in, as we give you unbiased information that you can use.

The testimonials on Crypto Trader have a lot of people who are satisfied and excited about what they have been able to accomplish on the bot. You can see that they’ve made money, so it’s possible. That high win rate can’t be disproved or proved by us, but it is something that everyone mentions.

The crypto market is volatile and changes fast. Therefore, you need to know the risks involved and be cautious. You should start with the lowest amount required. You’re going to see winnings and can withdraw and reinvest those profits.

Is There an App?

No, Crypto Trader doesn’t have an app for your smartphone. However, the platform is web-based, so you can access it from your favorite browser and favorite device.

Features to Consider

  1. You should focus on some of the popular features that make Crypto Trader unique
    For example, the withdrawal process is straight- forward. When you make one, it’s processed that day and can be in your bank account within 24 hrs. There aren’t any fees from the software, though some banks might charge extra for processing.
  2. We also like the verification process because it takes a few minutes instead of days or weeks
    You don’t have to send in electricity bills and other pertinent information. Just provide a correct email and phone number and click the confirmation link. You automatically gain entry to the platform and can enter your bank details to fund your account. The process is quick and easy to do.
  3. Since you’re new to online trading, you probably have some questions
    The website is chock-full of important things to know. There are instructions at every stage of the sign-up and funding process, but you can also use live chat or email if you’ve got other questions. This makes it transparent and quick to get going.
  4. There is no exchange, which is confusing for some people
    However, this also makes it easier for you. You’re automatically paired with a broker when you click to start the trading process. The trades take about 20 minutes each, and you earn money when the price of Bitcoin rises/falls, depending on the trading parameters you set up.
  5. This part is a little confusing
    You see, CFDs work differently. You say if you think the crypto is going to fall or rise. If you are right, you earn money. However, if you’re wrong, the broker collects the money you used for that trade.
  6. When you earn money, you get a payout immediately to your account.
    This includes what you made and what you initially invested. Of course, the creators take out a small percentage to cover expenses.

Crypto Trader Verdict

Trading bots have a poor reputation right now. We think that is because they weren’t as advanced as they currently are or people didn’t understand how to use them.

The market is volatile and can be riskier to trade CFDs than on an exchange. Though there aren’t any guarantees for winning, the software does claim a high win rate. Members are thoroughly satisfied, as shown by the testimonials they write. Therefore, we truly believe that Crypto Trader is legit. Please become a member right now and see how much you can earn.