CryptoRobo Review

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Is CryptoRobo a Scam?

The CryptoRobo system claims to be able to make you over $5,830 per day on autopilot and that its unique algorithm can win over 93 percent of all trades performed (a fairly big claim, wouldn’t you say).

What exactly is going on here? Is CryptoRobo authentic, or is it a scam designed to cheat you of your hard-earned money?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the correct spot to find out, as we are covering all you need to know right here in this review.

Essentially, if you’ve been considering giving CryptoRobo a try, keep reading because there are a few things you need to know before handing over your cash.

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What Is CryptoRobo?

This software uses an effective and precise algorithm running on an encrypted server to provide traders with safe and well-grounded working software without jeopardizing the app’s mechanism. The CryptoRobo app’s progressive potential is admirable, and it offers services all year round at no additional expense.

CryptoRobo is the most essential tool that allows traders to trade cryptocurrency on digital marketplaces. The success of crypto trading can be ascribed to the supply of various opportunities during trade operations. CryptoRobo’s spontaneous algorithm allows the trader to obtain a quick market analysis and determine the percentage of profit.

How Does CryptoRobo Work?

First and foremost, we want to emphasize that CryptoRobo does not operate, at least not in the way that they claim it works. You’ve been led to believe that this method can make you money on autopilot, but I can assure you that it does nothing but take your money.

How can we be so certain? This exact same type of scam has recently been launched under several different names. It was previously known as the Crypto Genius System, the Crypto Edge System.

All of these programs operate in the same way and are most likely linked – it appears that they simply change their names to avoid unfavorable reviews and continue to scam more individuals of their hard-earned money.

CryptoRobo is nothing more than a binary options scam, thus the only individuals who profit from it are the inventors and affiliates who promote it.

The Deception that CryptoRobo Has a License

Another feature of the CryptoRobo software that identifies it as a scam is its licensing. According to the website, this is the first and only regulated cryptocurrency trading software in the world. This, however, cannot be the case.

Licensing is only available to the most trustworthy, credible, and transparent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platforms. Given that this dreadful program is anonymous and untrustworthy, there is no way it could have the requisite licensing to operate in this type of trade within the confines of the law. This means that CryptoRobo software either doesn’t perform any trades at all, or it does so illegally.

We suspect that this jumble of garbage never actually conducts trades. It merely depletes your trading account in front of your eyes.

Shady Brokers & CryptoRobo Software

The fact that there isn’t a single reputable broker associated with the CryptoRobo app is the next feature that identifies it as a fraud. Brokers who are licensed and regulated are the best.

Good brokers never link to unauthorized scam apps in order to maintain their good reputations. As a result, since this awful trading software is completely bogus, unregulated, and unregistered, you can rest assured that any broker you find here is likewise shady. These scammers are all working together as a group with the goal of robbing you blind.

No Regulatory Guarantee

CryptoRobo claims to be situated in the United Kingdom, and because they provide financial services, they should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority there, according to UK legislation (FCA). This platform was nowhere to be found on the FCA registries, despite their claim to be “the first licensed crypto trading bot.”

The single biggest factor for the safety of your investment is effective regulation, which is why we highly urge you to trade only with brokers who hold licenses from respected financial watchdogs in Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, or the United States.

Properly regulated brokers are continuously monitored by financial authorities and are required to comply with strict financial and ethical guidelines, such as maintaining a certain capital adequacy ratio, keeping all clients’ funds segregated, protected from creditors’ accounts, and in some cases, even insuring traders’ funds.

If you trade with an FCA broker, for instance, you may be entitled to up to 50 000 GBP in compensation if something bad happens with the broker. Traders with all CySEC brokers can receive up to $20 000 back under a similar compensation plan.

No Track Record

CryptoRobo guarantees a 93 percent success rate on your trades, implying a very high-profit margin.

However, they have not provided any evidence of their historical performance, which is standard practice with all legitimate social trading systems, such as eToro, ZuluTrade, and Tradeo, where customers follow signals from professional traders, evaluate their strategies and copy their performance by modifying the risk they are willing to take. CryptoRobo also does not disclose any information about how its software works. Thus, overall, the offer appears to be a bit hazy.

Unrealistic Income Claims

This is one of the most common tactics used by scammers to persuade you to sign up. Do you honestly believe you can join this software and start earning $5,830 every day?

There is a lot of profit to be gained by investing in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, but you have to invest a lot more if you want to make that kind of cash.

Fake Endorsements

The abundance of phony and fake endorsements advertised on the CryptoRobo website is another clear clue that there is a scam going on here. This website and app have apparently been named one of the top 25 websites of 2017.

The Advisor and Forbes Financial Guide have both given their support to the website. It has been said that the CryptoRobo app has never been referenced in any of those financial or news outlets, even in passing. None of these news or financial outlets have ever mentioned this ridiculously deceptive app. All of the testimonials on the website are completely false.

Is It Really Free?

Another major red flag that grabs our attention is that the CryptoRobo program appears to be completely free to use. This may appear to be a wonderful thing, but the fact is that it exposes this platform as a scam.

Anything worth utilizing, especially in the world of BTC and crypto trading, should cost money, either in the form of user fees or commissions on earnings. There is no such thing as a free crypto trading program on the globe.

The good ones are expensive, as they should be. However, the fact that CryptoRobo software is completely free makes no sense. These scammers only want you to put money into a trading account so that they can take it the moment you turn away!

How the Scam Works

The individual (or people) who designed the CryptoRobo system have a binary options broker as a partner. This essentially means that they get a commission if they can encourage individuals to sign up with the broker and deposit monies (which often is hundreds of dollars for every person they get to sign up).

Moreover, the sole purpose of the CryptoRobo system is to persuade more people to sign up and deposit with the broker with which they are linked for them to earn more commissions.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the system worked, but it doesn’t. The CryptoRobo system is nothing more than a bunch of hype designed to make you believe that you are able to make money automatically.

They know that if they can persuade you, you may sign up and deposit dollars to test it out. It is only at this time that you realize it does not operate as promised, but now it’s too late because they have already taken your money and earned themselves a large commission.

If you think you can just withdraw your funds through the broker, think again… The brokers are also in on it.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s real, which is why Forbes recently published an article warning readers about the hazards of binary options trading, and the United States, along with a number of other nations, has taken steps to outright outlaw it. Basically, the binary options sector is rife with scammers.

Yes, there is a system in place, but we can assure you that it does not generate any winning trades for you – instead, it only generates losses.

They’re just saying and showing you things to encourage you to “test it out” because that’s how they can catch you. Also, they want you to believe that you can test its software out without risk, but it is not risk-free… Even if you don’t trade with all of your money, any money you put is gone forever. Once it is in their control, the brokers don’t allow you to get any of it back.

What Does CryptoRobo Claim to be Able to Provide?

In the sense that it does not promise huge returns, the operation makes a reasonable presentation.

The pitch is rather reasonable because it concentrates on a number of well-known technical indicators and money management approaches. However, a closer examination reveals that it is still unrealistic. Why would someone provide a service like this for free? All of the above-mentioned legal auto trading systems are expensive, which is understandable. After all, developing high-quality auto trading software is not a cheap endeavor.

CryptoRobo: Is It a Scam?

Yes, you can see right away that this program is a complete rip-off. There are numerous ways to make money on the internet, but none of them can make you so much money so soon and without you having to do anything.

Everyone would be doing it if such a thing existed and actually functioned. Who on earth would work for an employer when they could earn $5,830 every day without having to do anything from wherever they are in the world? We can imagine almost no one — instead, they’d be on vacation and doing the things they really want to do.

Certainly, it’s evident that this method is a scam, and as previously stated, it’s just a re-hashed version of the other crypto binary options scams. They are horrible news, and you should avoid them at all costs.

To be fair, there are legitimate ways to make money online, but if you want to make anything meaningful, you must be willing to put in at least some effort and accept that it isn’t going to happen overnight…


Do not utilize an automated system if you are considering investing in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

If you wish to invest, we recommend using a service like Coinbase. Do the necessary study to ensure that you know exactly what you’re doing. The most crucial piece of advice one can give you is to never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Assume that you are going to lose the money you invest and consider whether you can survive without it!


CryptoRobo is a scam that cannot make you any money; instead, it can make you lose your money. Keep your distance!

If you want to test the waters with cryptocurrency trading, use a free demo account with a licensed broker.

You may discover that trading can be profitable, but it also requires a sound plan, which is not easy to develop.

If you put your faith in CryptoRobo software, it can cause more harm than good. When you haven’t budgeted for such a loss, you may lose your money. The flags are clearly visible in this review, and they are impossible to overlook.

The lie is obvious. Such false endorsements and other red flags indicate that this software is a scam.