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Find out Scam or Legit

Everyone wants to trade cryptocurrencies because digital currency is private and more confidential. Plus, it comes with lower fees to make transactions. People who don’t have any experience trading still want to join in, and CFD trades are opening doors.

You don’t need to have a ton of money to buy Bitcoins. Plus, you can often find an online broker or an automatic trading robot that does all of the work for you. This reduces the risk of making trades while helping you maximize the profits. Of course, auto-trading software is designed to analyze the markets and find the best trading signals.

With that said, we are going to be reviewing Easy Trade App, which is supposed to be an auto-trader.

From the moment you get on the website, it all looks exciting and lucrative. You’re told that it’s a number-one web trader and get a quick explanation of the site. There’s also a demo mode, which allows you to test the features and learn more about them without spending real money. However, we have tested this site thoroughly and find that it is nothing but a scam, similar to Anon System, Bitcoin Bank, and Crypto Bull App. These are all scam sites, and we’ve written reviews about them, as well.

Yes, you want to use an auto-trading software, but Easy Trade App isn’t the one for you. In this review, we’re going to talk more about this software and why it’s a scam. You can also learn how to avoid other scam robots. The good news is you get to learn about the robots that we think are legitimate. They’re in our recommended list, so we have thoroughly tested them.

Continue to read this Easy Trade App review or go to a legit bot right now, such as Crypto Engine or Bitcoin Era.

What to do instead?

Low deposits
No fees
Withdrawals are easy

Is Easy Trade App Legit? We Say NO!

  • TrustPedia has given Easy Trade App a low legitimacy score because they use a variety of deceptive techniques to try to get people to sign up.
  • Easy Trade App is not accurate at all. Man traders complain that they consistently lose money with the web trader.
  • Our test has revealed that the web trader is fake on Easy Trade App. It’s just a webpage that mimics the features without having an algorithm.
  • Read more about Easy Trade App or consider these reviews about Bitcoin Era and Crypto Engine.

What’s Easy Trade App?

Easy Trade App claims that it is an auto-trading bot, which is designed for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

However, TrustPedia investigations show that it is a complete scam. Within just a few hours, you are likely to lose all the money you invest when on Easy Trade App. TrustPedia carried out a live test for Easy Trade App, determining that it consistently loses. We’re almost 100 percent sure that Easy Trade App doesn’t feature trading technology.

The Test Results for Easy Trade App Explained

Easy Trade App is a scam because it claims that you can earn immense wealth. It tells you a variety of lies from the beginning so that you want to make a deposit. However, this is gone within a few moments of “live trading.”

As you’re going to see below, the platform or web-trader is actually fake. The brokers shown aren’t genuine, either. The target audience for Easy Trade App is to get people to join who are in financial hardship. That could be the last $250 you have, but you are excited for the chance to build wealth with it, so you join. Typically, you get an unsolicited email, which offers you the opportunity to make money without having to do anything.

On the platform’s website, there are testimonials showing people with jets and tons of cash. However, our investigation has shown that the testaments aren’t genuine. In fact, the reviewers are just actors. Remember, anyone can rent anything for a day to pose with it in pictures, and many scamming robots use such tactics.

Any auto-trader that feature testimonials of people being flashy and showing off is sure to be a scam. Therefore, we suggest that you stay away from those platforms. TrustPedia provides you with comprehensive and unbiased reviews to make things easier. In fact, you can visit the Crypto Engine or Bitcoin Era reviews to learn more about legit auto-trading robots.

The Easy Trade App web-trader is just a webpage that’s designed to mimic a trading platform. We’ve investigated and found that it doesn’t contain an algorithm, so the results you see are predetermined. No live trading ever happens on this platform.

Like many other scam bots, Easy Trade App uses scam brokers to collect the deposits. There’s no regulation, which means they can’t be held accountable. You may not be able to get back any deposits you make with these brokers.

Make sure the brokers with the robot of your choice is regulated. Look for FSB, CySec, FCA, or the ASIC. If a robot claims any other regulations, be wary of them. Consider reading the ForexTB review to get an idea of how to choose a suitable broker.

Easy Trade App doesn’t have appropriate policies to protect your data. It can keep billing information and doesn’t provide encryption. Therefore, hackers could steal banking information and more.

Plus, Easy Trade App doesn’t allow you to withdraw any of the capital. When the money goes into the account, you can’t get it back again. Then, the deposits are shared with the platform creators and the brokers. You think you’re trading real money for CFDs during live trades, but you aren’t. If you do ask Easy Trade App for a withdrawal, you are going to get ignored or have your account shut down permanently.

Who Created Easy Trade App?

We have scoured the Easy Trade App website and could not find any ‘about us’ information at all.

There is no indication of who started the site. This is a big warning sign and something that should tell you not to use this auto-trading software.

Through our investigation, we saw that the website is not written in proper English. There are many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This is highly unprofessional and adds more fuel to the fire about this being a scam site.

Is Easy Trade App Scam? The Verdict

We should have convinced you by now that Easy Trade App is a complete scam. If not, then no one could do this for you. This platform has the characteristics of every other scam bot on the market.

We can guarantee with 100 percent certainty that you are going to lose money if you choose to deposit money on the platform. In fact, they could expose some of your data to hackers. Our investigation has shown that there aren’t data protection measures available, and it could share data directly with third parties without your consent. TrustPedia recommends that you stay away from Easy Trade App. Instead, you can try Crypto Engine and Bitcoin Era. We’ve tested both of these to reveal that they are legit robots, and you can see daily returns on your investment.

REMEMBER: All Investment opportunities come with risk. Cryptocurrencies often have more risk attached to them because they are volatile.

What Is Easy Trade App?

Digital currency is more confidential and private; that is why everyone wants to trade cryptocurrency. Plus, you can perform more transactions at lower fees because of blockchain technology.

People who don’t know about Bitcoin trading still want to get in on the action, and with CFD trading, that is now possible. You can now use software like the Easy Trade App to analyze the markets and maximize your potential profits.

With that said, the Easy Trade App comes with built-in AI that supposedly can produce some of the best trading signals. Let us begin this article and discuss the various factors that determine this auto trader’s performance.


Though we have covered all of the bases in this review, some people may not read through the entire article. If you’re like that, you can get a quick rundown of the auto-trading software from here. Those who want a quick summary can also benefit.

  1. How Much Can I Deposit on Easy Trade App?

    You can deposit any amount between $250 and $15,000 on Easy Trade App. However, if you choose to do so, you are going to lose the money you deposit. In fact, when you lose that initial investment, it is likely to ask you for more and provide you with ‘insider trading tips’ that don’t work.

  2. Can I Earn Money with Easy Trade App?

    No, you are not going to earn any money using this software. It is a full scam.

  3. Is It Possible to Withdraw Money on Easy Trade App?

    If you added money to your Easy Trade App account before reading this review, you aren’t likely to get your money back. Asking for it could cause your account to be shut down, giving you no way of contacting the creators of the website.

  4. Is There a Better Auto-trading Software out There?

    There are many other auto-trading software options available that are legitimate. TrustPedia focuses on reviewing and testing many of them. Consider Crypto Engine or Bitcoin Era. Both of these auto-traders have the right features, offer live trading, and come with significant profits when you are in live-trade mode.