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Trading has become one of the most popular financial activities of all time. Thanks to the internet, people from all around the world can easily open a digital wallet and start placing trades from the comfort of their homes.

While the digital era has given us many tools to work more efficiently, it has also allowed hackers and swindlers to get away with their illegal activities. In essence, many fraudsters are trying to replicate these trading tools and sell them as legit to beginners.

One of the tools that have been affected the most by fraudsters is trading platform. These platforms have been developed with the purpose of making your trading experience much more comfortable and organized than before.

Unfortunately, swindlers have become much better at replicating trading platforms and selling them as real, making it more difficult for traders to tell which platform is the real deal. Some of the risks that come from using fake trading platforms include losing your investment, getting your information sold to third parties online, and others.

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Choosing the Right Trading Software

Our goal in this company is to help you choose the best trading platform based on your needs, and that includes telling you which platforms you must avoid entirely. Today, we’re going to cover Empire Xcoin, which is a trading platform that has been on the market for quite a few months now.

Overall, there are mixed reviews for this trading platform, so we can’t tell if it’s reliable to use yet. In this article, we’re going to cover the platform’s home page, platform, and features. Once we’re done with everything, we’re going to give you our full verdict so that you know whether you can use it for your trades or not.

Keep reading if you want to know more about Empire Xcoin!

What Can You Expect from This Empire Xcoin Review?

We want to make this experience as simple for everyone as possible. Whether you’re a beginner or expert trader, we’re going to make sure the entire review is easy to read and understand.

In essence, this review is going to be separated into three main parts: Home Page content, trading platform, and features. These three factors are the most important to consider when determining if a trading platform is legit or not.

Our team of expert traders is going to dive deep into each detail so that you can’t miss anything. We understand how complicated it may be to tell an illegitimate platform from a real one, especially if you’re a beginner. However, we’re here to solve that problem.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to trading, you’re working with your real money to place your trades. Trading itself is a highly risky financial activity, and if you combine that with choosing a not legit website, your investment is likely to get lost on the way.

Now that you know what to expect from this Empire Xcoin review, it’s time we covered everything regarding this relatively new platform. Is Empire Xcoin legit or not? Let’s find out together!

What Is Empire Xcoin?

In simple terms, Empire Xcoin claims to be a cryptocurrency trading platform aimed at novice and expert traders. The company’s goal is to help these traders benefit from the cryptocurrency market.

As you may have expected already, Empire Xcoin sells itself as most other trading platforms on the market, so there’s nothing much to look at here. The interesting stuff comes further into this review where we cover the platform’s home page and platform.

What Can You Find on Empire Xcoin?

Once we went into the Empire Xcoin website, the content quickly raised a few red flags for us. Even if it may not seem like it, an platform’s home page can tell you almost everything you need to know about it, including if it’s legit; this is because fraudsters often don’t know anything about trading, so they don’t know if what they’re saying is true or not.

First, the company presents Empire Xcoin as a way to “make a lot of money with a small investment.” Keep in mind that you cannot make those claims in cryptocurrency trading since that trading type is extremely volatile, making it impossible for someone to make 100% accurate predictions.

As a rule of thumb, you may stay away from any trading platform that claims you can make a lot of money with it. There’s no way to tell how your trading experience is going to be since each experience is different. Moreover, anyone that “guarantees” you can make money with a particular investment amount is likely lying.

Another thing we noticed about the Empire Xcoin website is that it claims it works with a “trustworthy and authentic network,” but we weren’t able to find any proof of these claims. Additionally, the company stated it worked with the U.S. Trading Association, but there isn’t any proof of that either.

Unless we find any proof of the claims we see on a website, we’re going to automatically label them as lies.

In essence, the entire Empire Xcoin home page is filled with claims regarding that it works with reputable brokers and others. Still, the company didn’t bother to show any proof of any of these claims. Finally, the Empire Xcoin team claims the platform has a lot of positive reviews online, although we couldn’t find any from reputable websites.

When it comes to looking for reviews, you can’t trust any site you come across since some of these review websites are filled with fake content and paid testimonials. If you truly want to know if a trading platform is good or not, you must go for reputable websites.

Empire Xcoin ‘About Us’ Page

One of the website parts where con artists fail to convince users to register is the ‘About Us’ page since not everyone reads those pages. Overall, an ‘About Us’ page should include information regarding the company itself, how it created the trading platform, and other interesting information.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything too important regarding the development of Empire Xcoin. Overall, the entire section was filled with generic information regarding how the platform was great for trading and why you had to register right away.

Even the most reputable trading companies tend to hide some personal information to avoid hackers from harassing them, which is okay. However, a website that doesn’t even bother to give its readers an insight into how the platform was developed may certainly raise some red flags.

In essence, we weren’t happy with what we found on Empire Xcoin’s home page. The entire website is filled with unverifiable claims and unrealistic profit expectations, which already leads us to believe that this platform may be not legitimate.

Still, we can’t give a verdict yet. We must go over the platform itself to determine whether it truly works or not. If you want to know everything about Empire Xcoin’s platform, keep reading!

How Does Empire Xcoin Work?

In terms of functionality, Empire Xcoin appears to work similarly to other trading platforms on the market. As mentioned by the developers, all you need to do to begin trading with Empire Xcoin is create your trading account, make a deposit, and start trading or practice with the ‘Demo’ account.

Overall, that’s standard procedure for most trading platforms on the market, so there’s nothing much to cover there. The interesting part comes when you first get into the platform itself. We noticed that there’s nothing too special about it since it uses most of the features basic web traders come with.

The company claims Empire Xcoin uses functionality that scans market trends to generate profitable trades for each user. While that sounds great, it’s not as accurate as you may want. As mentioned before, making accurate trades is challenging due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Empire Xcoin’s set of rules isn’t verified by any reputable developer company, and there’s not any information about it other than “it’s intelligent.”

Trading requires a lot of time investment from each user, so you can’t expect to make huge results from five-minute trading sessions every day. If you truly want to see progress with your trading, you must dedicate a significant amount of time to it.

According to the company, Empire Xcoin uses an automated payout feature that takes your earnings from each trading session and deposits them into your account automatically. 

In our experience, we did receive our “profits” in our accounts after a few trading sessions. However, we quickly noticed a pattern from the trading platform. Overall, we saw a lot of positive trades with similar earnings, which is almost impossible due to crypto’s nature. 

We think Empire Xcoin uses pre-established, fake earning amounts to make people believe they’re earning money when they’re not.

Withdrawals are likely one of the most important factors of any trading platform since they’re supposed to transfer your hard-earned money into your bank account. As mentioned by the company, Empire Xcoin uses an “instant withdrawal system” where you can submit a withdrawal request at any point of the day and wait 24 hours to receive your money.

Unfortunately, the withdrawal process was excruciating for us. It took way too long to submit the withdrawal form to the company, and we didn’t even receive the money in our accounts. Overall, our invested money was stolen.

The one thing we didn’t find any problems with was the ‘Demo’ account. There, you can test your trading strategies for as much time as you want without the fear of losing money. Still, the platform is too basic for even beginners, so we don’t think there’s too much to do there.

Additionally, there’s no point in using the Demo account forever since you’re not going to make any money that way. If you want to start trading, you must go into the live trading option, which isn’t too reliable in the case of Empire Xcoin.

Is Empire Xcoin Reliable?

Overall, we had a lot of problems using the Empire Xcoin platform, so we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is trying to improve their trading. Additionally, we had problems with the withdrawals, so there’s no guarantee that you’re ever going to get your money back.

Is Empire Xcoin Legit? | Our Verdict

After extensive research, we can finally conclude that Empire Xcoin is not legit. The website doesn’t have any verifiable claims regarding the platform’s functionality, and the web trader appears to be fake.

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s almost impossible to make constant positive trades, especially if you’re a beginner. If you encounter any trading platform that claims you can get a constant flow of positive trades, it may not be legit.

Remember that when it comes to trading, you must also fail sometimes to learn. Additionally, it’s unrealistic to think that you can make thousands of dollars within a couple of trading sessions without experience. Some traders have been training for years to get those results.

If you want to trade the right way, you must always go for reputable trading platform, and Empire Xcoin is not one of them. We have a list of legit trading platforms you may start using today to improve your trading, so check it out if you’re interested!

Risk Disclaimer

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