Immediate Advantage Review

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Did you recently receive a private invitation advertising an opportunity to make a lot of money from Immediate Advantage? Many people have, and it made us wonder if it was a legitimate trading robot.

Please read this in-depth review on Immediate Advantage before proceeding with the invitation or trying it out. Your money could be at risk if you choose to move ahead and join the trading platform. Signing up with Immediate Advantage and using the automated trading system could prove disastrous for your financial situation.

Immediate Advantage is a true scam, and the auto trading software found on the platform isn’t trustworthy or legitimate. Please continue reading our in-depth review to learn everything you can about this auto-trading robot and what else you can do instead.

What to do instead?

Low deposits
No fees
Withdrawals are easy

Should You Invest Money and Time with Immediate Advantage?

No, TrustPedia doesn’t believe you should invest any time or money into the Immediate Advantage auto trader. In fact, the auto trading robot is not legitimate and is a scam.

After our extensive and thorough investigation, we found that the trading platform and its software (algorithm) are untrustworthy. Ultimately, the algorithm isn’t real and doesn’t do what it should do.

For those reasons, we suggest that, as a prospective Bitcoin trader, you steer clear of this dangerous site and go elsewhere to find a trusted and reputable auto trading robot.

There are many of them available, and we have reviewed many auto traders that are legitimate, such as Bitcoin Revolution. This excellent platform can help you perform various auto trading activities on the live market. Plus, it has trustworthy brokers and is fair with its withdrawal process.

Is Immediate Advantage a Scam?

Yes, we have found that Immediate Advantage is not a trustworthy or legitimate trading platform. We conclude that no one should sign up to use Immediate Advantage or input personal information for these reasons:

  • Our in-depth and thorough tests indicate this web trader is a complete fake! The Immediate Advantage platform is a regular webpage, though it’s made up to look like a real cryptocurrency trading platform. However, there is a huge difference between this web trader and legit ones – Immediate Advantage doesn’t use appropriate algorithms as the legit crypto bot trading on the market.
  • Immediate Advantage doesn’t conduct its trading activities accurately. We have found many reviews from independent reviewing websites where users claim they made consistent losses when using the web-trading platform. However, the site itself offers testimonials claiming happiness, so we feel that those are fake.
  • The Immediate Advantage platform uses various techniques to get new signups, and most of them are deceptive. For example, you may receive an email claiming promises that aren’t possible. Alternatively, it requests a small amount and continues hounding you to give more.

Our Complete Immediate Advantage Review: Why Is It a Scam?

Immediate Advantage is a huge scam, claiming to provide traders with many wins each day while failing to return profits of any kind. The platform shows many lies that all work to get traders to make that initial deposit.

If you have gone through the process already and deposited the minimum investment capital into Immediate Advantage without reading our in-depth review, you may have lost that deposited amount forever.

This is highly unfortunate, but the Immediate Advantage auto trader isn’t developed to assist users to gain profits through crypto trades on the market. Instead, it is solely there to take money away from traders.

The website of Immediate Advantage displays itself as an auto trader, but it’s fake and can’t be trusted. With that, the web trader lists online brokers it uses, but they’re not genuine or regulated, and there’s no legal registration information for concerned traders to check.

Immediate Advantage is highly similar to other scam robots because the prime objective is to take money from people who are in financial distress. The first way of doing that is to spam victims with various emails. For that reason, you’re probably here reading this review when you received the email stating that you could win trades easily through this trading website. While it sounds great, sadly, it’s a scam!

Withdrawal and Deposit Processes

On the Immediate Advantage trading platform, there is no withdrawal process at all. When considering if a web trader is legit or not, this is the classic sign of fakeness.

The main reason for that is because the auto trader doesn’t plan on generating profits for its users. Therefore, there’s no need to offer withdrawal features on the platform. With that, you can’t even take out your capital investment from the Immediate Advantage trading account.

Legitimate bots allow this for various purposes. They understand that you may have done so in haste or want to pull out for another reason. Still, you have the choice with them, and Immediate Advantage takes that away from you.

Alternatively, the deposit process is quick and simple. We don’t suggest that you add money to this web trading platform. Though you can get in fast, there’s no guarantee that the information or funds you provide are safe. In fact, the opposite is true!

You don’t see returns or profits when using the Immediate Advantage platform to conduct trades. With that, the untrustworthy brokers for the site take the capital investment you offer and steal it, sharing it with the creators of the fake web trader!

Fake Trading Platform and Brokers

From our extensive research, we conclude that the Immediate Advantage trading platform is just a webpage designed to look like legitimate crypto bot trading.

However, it’s not real and can’t offer beneficial trading activities for users to see returns at all. You’re almost guaranteed to see consistent losses when using the Immediate Advantage platform to make trades. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you do not sign up with the auto trader unless you plan to waste your money.

Online brokers are there to take funds for trading platforms, and that’s a requirement for legitimate web traders. While Immediate Advantage does this, there’s no registration information nor details about them. When we looked the brokers up, we couldn’t find anything nice about any of them!

Fake Testimonials

While visiting the Immediate Advantage trading platform, you’re sure to see various testimonials sprinkled throughout the page. The goal is to show consistency and build trust while painting the site in a better light to make it appear genuine.

Though regular people often believe the fake testimonials, we know what scam sites like this do and how they work. While it appears that real users write the reviews, they’re all fabricated.

After extensive research, we found views from real users on independent sites. They all used Immediate Advantage and stated that they received continuous losses from their trading activities. Though you can expect to lose a little, there should also be wins. This furthers our belief that Immediate Advantage is a scam.

Since we found poor reviews elsewhere, the web trader is creating its own testimonials and posting them as real. This is a sure sign of a scam.

Our Verdict

After reading this entire in-depth review about Immediate Advantage, you should now know that this auto trader is not a good investment choice. It’s a scam that takes any money deposited in the user’s account.

This is why we recommend that you do not visit the website or input personal information. If you already signed up without adding funds, please do not do it now!

Instead, we recommend that you try a different auto trader to conduct crypto trades effortlessly. While the goal of automatic trading is to make life easier, you don’t want to lose all of your money trying it.

We can almost guarantee that users lose every penny they invest if they choose to deposit funds on the Immediate Advantage platform. It’s also important for us to warn you that the auto trader could expose any personal information you provide to hackers and scammers.

If you’ve already signed up, please consider closing your account. It claims you can do this, but if that’s not possible, you should change all of your passwords and usernames and avoid the site in the future.

Like Immediate Profit and Crypto Bank, Immediate Advantage cannot be trusted! You don’t have to suffer from fake auto traders that promise everything and give nothing. Instead, TrustPedia recommends using a legitimate auto trading robot, such as Bitcoin Era, Crypto Trader, or Bitcoin Digital.

See reviews of all legitimate auto crypto bot trading here!

What to Do Instead of Using Immediate Advantage

Though Immediate Advantage turned out to be a full-on scam, many other auto-traders are legitimate with their dealings.

We know that the internet is full of these illegitimate trading platforms, which are only there to steal trader’s money. With that said, though, we reviewed many other trading platforms and found suitable and legit auto trading bots that can help you succeed in crypto trading.

One such option is BitQT, and it helps you trade cryptocurrency on the market. You must understand that there are chances to earn money with the crypto market when you use the right tools, and BitQT is an excellent choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have a lot to ponder now that you’ve learned Immediate Advantage isn’t suitable for you. However, you may still have questions about its legitimacy or what else you can try instead.

Our goal is to help you choose the right web trader to make it easier to trade cryptocurrency. Therefore, continue reading to learn more about Immediate Advantage and other opportunities for online trading.

  1. Is Immediate Advantage Legitimate?

    After our comprehensive and extensive review of Immediate Advantage, we found that the auto trader is a full-on scam and doesn’t offer legitimate auto-trader features. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you don’t use this website if you’re interested in crypto trading and are new to the game.

    In fact, you should not visit the website or enter personal information because it could use unsafe practices and expose the data to scammers. With that, it’s best not to invest funds onto the platform.

    Instead, we recommend that you choose a legitimate and trustworthy trading website, such as CFD Trader and Bitcoin Era. We’ve performed significant research on both of these (and many other) auto-trading robots to find that the platforms are completely legit!

  2. How Much Can I Deposit into a Immediate Advantage Trading Account?

    While you can deposit any amount of money into a Immediate Advantage trading account, we do not recommend it. If you plan to grow your capital investment, it’s advised not to add money on this auto trader. You’re sure to lose anything you put in because this is not a legitimate or real web trader.

    The minimum requirement is $250. Though this doesn’t seem like a lot, you don’t see returns on the investment and only consistent losses. Therefore, you lose it quickly and are hounded to add more to be stolen from the fake auto trader.

  3. What Can I Earn Using the Immediate Advantage Trading Platform?

    From our findings, Immediate Advantage is a full scam, so it doesn’t offer profit-earning potential. Because of this, you aren’t going to earn anything when using the platform. In addition, you lose whatever money you invest on the site because the brokers used are fake and/or part of the ploy.

    For that reason, and many others, we advise you to stay away from this so-called trading platform. Instead, use a legitimate trading robot, such as Bitcoin Evolution, YuanPay Group, Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Up, Oil Profit, Bitcoin System, Bitcoin Prime, or Bitcoin Revolution.

  4. Can I Withdraw My Money from Immediate Advantage?

    No, you cannot withdraw any money from Immediate Advantage. There is no option to do this anywhere on the website. If you were unfortunate enough to deposit funds, it is gone forever.

    Legit auto trading platforms allow users to withdraw the full investment capital as proof of legitimacy. The inability to do so from Immediate Advantage only pushes you to believe that this auto trader is a scam. Therefore, we do not recommend that you sign up for or use this trading bot to conduct your crypto trades.

    Likewise, we recommend that you watch your credit/debit card statements carefully if you did deposit money. If there’s anything suspicious, consider canceling the card and getting a new one. Immediate Advantage could have given or sold your information to other scammers.