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Top-tier customer service
Intuitive interface
Low deposit fees
  • It’s beginner-friendly.
  • It works with popular brokers in your area.
  • You can manually trade with it.
  • The platform’s withdrawal process is fast.
  • There is little to no information about where this platform came from.
  • Its accessibility depends on the country where you live.
  • It doesn’t allow you to trade with many cryptocurrencies.
Immediate Edge Highlights
🤖 Type of Service Cryptocurrencies
💰 Software Cost Free
💰 Withdrawal Fees No Fees
📊 Type of Platform Website-Based with Mobile Compatibility
💳 Deposit Options It Depends on the Brokers
🌐 Countries All

Starting your trading journey is difficult if you don’t sign up for a decent trading platform, and most people have a hard time finding one due to how many scam websites are on the market. If you are reading this page, you may wonder if Immediate Edge is a scam or if it’s safe to use.

Immediate Edge offers many benefits to its users, but not everyone believes this platform does everything it claims to do. Apart from that, it’s complex to understand how a trading platform works if you’ve never used one before, so we are here to help you understand how Immediate Edge works, too.

Here, you can find all the information you need about this trading platform, so read on if you are thinking about signing up for it. Immediate Edge works differently from other trading platforms online since it has links with some brokers to make the trading process more straightforward.

You shouldn’t let yourself fall for scams online, and since there are many of them offering excellent deals and insane profits, more victims fall for them daily. Don’t let yourself be one of them, so read reviews before giving your money to any platform.

Regardless of that, you should know that Immediate Edge is not a scam.

What Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a crypto trading platform that works with different brokers in several countries to make crypto trading and investing easier for its users. This platform offers several things, such as a beginner-friendly interface, manual trades, and automated trades.  

Similar to other platforms available online, Immediate Edge works with several cryptocurrencies, so you can use it to trade with:

Depending on what kind of trader you are, having those four options available could be an advantage or a disadvantage. However, if you are just starting to trade and don’t know how everything works, it’s excellent to only have those four cryptos available since it keeps you from picking an asset too complex for your trading level.

The process to create an Immediate Edge account is also simple, so you won’t get lost along the process. Nevertheless, this platform tries to guide you from the moment you sign up for it and even shows you the latest trading-related news you should know about before starting to trade.

Immediate Edge is available on all devices with internet access, so you can check how your trades are going from your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Is Immediate Edge Legit?

The short answer is yes, Immediate Edge is a legit trading platform, and that means you don’t have to worry about its developers scamming you after you send them your money.

Some users think Immediate Edge is a scam because there’s not a lot of information available on who created it, how, or why they did it.

It’s common to see traders that prefer learning some things about the people who created the trading platforms they will use to make sure they are not just another scam, and since they can’t do that with Immediate Edge, they think it’s better to avoid using it. The truth is that, even if people don’t know where this platform came from, it works.

Most scam websites have high registration and deposit fees to take all the money they can from you before letting you know they are scams. Immediate Edge, on the other hand, is free for everyone, and it doesn’t have any withdrawal fees. Apart from that, this platform doesn’t have high deposit fees, which allows you to make small investments.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

Whether you are a professional trader or a beginner in the trading world, you need to understand how a trading platform’s trading process works to make sure it suits your needs and trading style.

Immediate Edge’s trading process is different from others on the market, but it’s also easier to follow for beginners.

Firstly, you need to fill out the platform’s sign-up form to create your Immediate Edge account. Don’t worry about letting people know all your personal information since this platform only requires you to submit your full name, email address, and phone number.

You don’t have to wait a lot to start trading since the platform sets you up within a few hours after you submit the sign-up form. Immediate Edge will send the information you submit in the sign-up form to the brokers in your country, so they will call you after that to ensure you understand how the process goes.

Traders can fund their accounts after they receive the broker’s call. Most people start with the minimum deposit the platform requires you to submit, but you can use as much money as you can for your trades.

As we mentioned before, Immediate Edge has two modes: manual trading and automated trading. When you pick the former, you have full control of your trades and can make all the moves you want. Beginners often pick the automated mode since it allows them to trade with the help of the platform.

Immediate Edge Features

Remember when we said you know the trading process of each trading platform to make sure it suits your needs? The same happens with the platform’s features since they are what make each website different from the others. Immediate Edge has some interesting features that can help traders regardless of how skilled they are at traders.

Starting with beginners, Immediate Edge is user-friendly and shows trading tips for newcomers to understand all there is to know about trading. Additionally, this platform offers you a demo account to practice your trading strategies with dummy cryptos before using real ones.

As for experienced traders, they can start trading with a low deposit minimum that allows them to try out the platform without making a dangerous investment that could make them lose a lot of money. Nonetheless, one of the best things about Immediate Edge is you can use it from any device with access to the internet.

Hence, you can use Immediate Edge from desktop and mobile devices. Trading is something that needs you to have a lot of attention to detail, so using a platform you can access from any kind of device allows you to keep an eye on your financial moves whenever you feel like it.

Is Immediate Edge Safe?

You don’t want to use a platform that will take your funds away from you or that doesn’t make you feel safe while using it. The same happens if you think using trading platforms is illegal.

Fortunately, Immediate Edge is not illegal, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws while using it. Nevertheless, you still need to comply with your country’s tax regulations when using Immediate Edge. These laws change depending on where you use the platform, and that means you have to check them out if you ever move out.

Regarding the safety of using the platform, we can tell you there’s nothing to worry about trading with it, and we have already created an Immediate Edge account to test it and make sure it’s not a scam website.

Immediate Edge – Pricing and Fees

Pricing and fees are what make most traders think about signing up for Immediate Edge. The reason for this is this app doesn’t ask you to pay any fees to register, and it’s free for everyone to use. Besides that, you don’t have to pay anything to withdraw your money from the platform.

Immediate Edge has a minimum deposit of $250, which is way lower than other trading platforms on the market. Why is this an advantage? Because it allows you to start with small investments instead of using all the money you have in an app you just started using.


In a nutshell, you could say Immediate Edge is a legit trading platform both beginners and professionals can use to not only learn more about trading but also improve their trading skills as they make more trades.

The only issue about Immediate Edge is how little people know about its developers, but traders who don’t care about those things are good to go with it.

Anyone willing to sign up for this trading platform can do it from the Immediate Edge platform. Do you want to learn more about other trading platforms and how they work? You can find more articles about trading platforms and how they work on the TrustPedia website!


We understand if you have some questions about trading or Immediate Edge in general after reading this page. Some people may have the same questions as you, so here are the most frequently asked questions about Immediate Edge:

How Old Do You Need to Be to Use Immediate Edge?

The Immediate Edge platform doesn’t require you to be of a specific age to start using it, as long as you can fund your account. Nonetheless, the payment methods some brokers offer require you to be an adult, so everything depends on the broker that contacts you after submitting the sign-up form.

Nevertheless, it’s best if only adults use Immediate Edge. The reason for this is that trading requires you to take into account taxes and how to manage them, and not knowing how the tax system works can get underaged people in trouble. This applies to other trading platforms, too.

Is Using Immediate Edge Difficult?

Using Immediate Edge is as difficult as using any other trading platform on the market since the trading process of each of them often follows the same steps on a basic basis. However, this platform makes things easier for you by making brokers contact you and tell you everything you need to know before you start trading with Immediate Edge.

Apart from that, this app puts a lot of effort into encouraging newcomers to learn more about trading and cryptocurrencies, so it will show you several tips and trade advice the more you keep using them. Immediate Edge also includes a demo version for you to train your trading skills and strategies.

Is Immediate Edge’s Minimum Deposit High?

Not at all! The minimum deposit this platform offers is one of the lowest on the market, so it’s excellent for traders who don’t like making big investments. You only need to fund your account with $250 to start trading with Immediate Edge.

Naturally, you can add all the money you want if you feel like it since there’s not a max amount of money traders can submit to the platform. Most traders start with small amounts of money to test how trading platforms work, though.

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