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Should You Use This Trading Platform?


Are you are a serious online cryptocurrency trader or a hopeful trader-to-be? If so, you have probably heard or tried out many crypto trading platforms based on their “get rich overnight” promises but ended up losing your hard-earned cash. Most of these online trading platforms- no, let us call them scams- mislead you into signing up to trade with them through enchanting elevator pitches only for your money to end with some broker somewhere.

True, everyone would like to get rich, and you would be forgiven for taking in every word that the scammers drum into your eager ears, but if the deal is so good, think twice-so they say. Since online cryptocurrency trading is lucrative, you should be on the lookout for scammers and imposter platforms out there for easy prey. If you didn’t know, most of these fake websites would pose as valid and genuine platforms.

For instance, a fake site would come up with the name “” on their URL to resemble “” The URLs look similar, but the former has “0” instead of “o.” If you are not keen enough, you will end up signing up on a fake platform, thinking that it is your intended site. Worse, they fashion their site to look strikingly similar to the legitimate ones that they intend to copy.
Before we digress, let us go straight to the elephant in the room. Almost every online crypto trader has come across an online trading platform by the name Immediate Profit. Like its name suggests, the site promises to make you a millionaire in a single night.

However, they don’t come out clear whether they give you a free million dollars once you sign up or you have to deposit your money and trade to become a millionaire. The site-no, the scam-continues to lure its unsuspecting victims with promises of guaranteed profits, high leverage, top-notch security, and such other unrealistic guarantees.

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  • Easy to withdraw money
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Why You Should Be on the Lookout

Do not fall victim to online fake cryptocurrency trading promises from Immediate Profit.

Their trading software lacks originality and substance, and their only selling point is posing like the popular, trusted, and tested Immediate Edge. Take a look at Immediate Edge review to get a more in-depth knowledge of the differences between the two sites.

So, if you are looking for Immediate Edge, beware of Immediate Profit. The site has fashioned itself to look and appear like Immediate Edge, but it’s just a fake replica. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid-no, run away from Immediate Profit.

Immediate Profit Is an Imposter

Immediate Profit is an imposter crypto trading platform and lacks in originality. The site tries to market its trading robots by riding on the glory of other trusted and reliable sites that offer superior bitcoin trading robots.

As such, when you read about their trading robots’ accuracy, be warned, and read between the lines. No human-made trading software is 100% accurate, and if there is, then we need to delete the word loss from the dictionary.

Furthermore, trading robots do not determine market conditions. As you are probably aware, external factors like politics and other market conditions affect online trade parameters. Robots are intelligent, but external factors have a part to play. Legitimate sites tell the truth about the ability of their trading software. There is nothing like 1000% accuracy!

The Site Has the Worst Customer Support

Swift and responsive customer care service is an essential component of a reliable and credible online trading site. Though the robots will automatically do all the trading, human input is needed. Clients often experience trouble with setting trading parameters, or the robots develop problems. Unfortunately, Immediate Profit has blatantly neglected this critical aspect of online crypto trading. You report a problem with their software, and you wait for a day to get the response you need.

High-level customer support is an indicator of credible trading software, but that’s what you stand to forego when you sign up with Immediate Profit. Remember you invest your money, your hard-earned money, and it’s in your best interest to trade with a platform that is ever ready to take your issues at heart whenever you call for assistance. A credible trading robots provider will do everything possible to ensure that they are helpful with their customer’s problems.

Poor Website Usability

Ensuring that the time you spend on your trading platform is meaningful and enjoyable is important when choosing your favorite bitcoin trading software. Good software is fast and responsive, qualities that you won’t find when you register with Immediate Profit. With the development of mobile apps, there is no reason why a site that claims to offer bitcoin trading services should not work to its users’ expectations.

Most of the traders who use Immediate Profit have complained of cosmetic features that rarely work, exposing users to unwanted losses and security threats. In crypto trading, placing of orders and closing of trade should be immediate. However, Immediate Profit’s trading software does not offer satisfactory trading or management of stop-loss limits and other functions that benefit traders.

Additionally, users have consistently complained about the platform’s overall navigation. The available tools and charts are hard to access and apply. They are also poorly customized to enable customers to access multiple graphs at once. Consequently, aggressive traders have suffered major losses leading to a mass exodus from the software.

Their Promises and Guarantees are Unrealistic

As earlier stated, online bitcoin trading is one of the most lucrative investments today. Many financial predators and scammers lurk in the cryptocurrency industry, and they enchant their victims with unrealistic promises and guarantees. Immediate edge is one such predator. If you swallow every bait that they throw your way, you stand to lose your lifetime savings faster than you can imagine.

So, what’s the story behind the alluring promises of “get rich overnight” that Immediate Profit uses to ensnare its unsuspecting victims? The site is a late entrant into the bitcoin trading software market. So, its creators thought it “wise” to brand it in a way that its name resembles reliable and trusted trading robot providers. What they have done is replacing the word “Edge” with “Profit.” As such, they hoped to cheat and confuse traders to sign up for their trading robots.

To drive up sales, Immediate Profit has also come up with an ingenious plan to lure innocent users with what people like most-quick riches! They claim that their bitcoin robots are the most effective on the planet, and they are 100% accurate. In reality, most users have left the platform the platform more impoverished than ever before. Terming the robots as fallible and fallacious is an understatement. If you care about your finances, keep off Immediate Profit!

Sign up, and You Are on Your Own

According to their site, Immediate Profit has developed “the most advanced bitcoin trading robots ever.” The same site gives contradictory information (actually, it’s the truth) that you should do all the analysis to ensure that you set your trading conditions appropriately. The “best and most advanced robots” should carry out the market analysis and trade for you automatically. After all, aren’t their robots 1000% accurate?

Anyway, what’s the truth about Immediate Profit’s trading robots? Their goal is to ensure that you sign up, and like lazy loafers, the robots go to sleep. As a trader, you are left to carry out the tedious market research on your own, collect large amounts of data, and do all the analysis unassisted—no intelligent market information as promised before sign up. You spend an hour on your computer screen to protect your money or earn some, meaning that you cannot attend to other duties.

No Reliability and Security Guarantee

Most users of Immediate Profit’s bitcoin trading platform have frequently complained about the site’s regular downtimes and sucking freezes. The downtimes and freezes usually occur whenever .there is a global event that is likely to shake the crypto market. Remember, this is when you need real-time information on the prevailing changes, failure to which you may incur unprecedented losses or miss a lifetime opportunity to make money. For serious traders, reliability is more important than a site’s looks or the cosmetic features of a platform.

Privacy is a significant concern for every online trader. To sign up on any trading platform, you provide private information like telephone contacts, email, and bank details. An unstable site is prone to external attacks that may expose your sensitive information to outsiders. Find a reliable online cryptocurrency trader to trust with your information.

Immediate Profit Scam: Our Final Verdict

Trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a worthwhile and profitable venture, but in order to realize the fruits of your labor, you have to choose your trading software wisely.

Failure to make an intelligent choice is equivalent to transferring your wealth to online dealers, and nobody would like to go through such a fate.

Stay clear from the temptations of signing up on imposter sites on the promise of overnight riches and guaranteed profits. Not every platform is out there to walk you through your road to prosperity. If you wish to grow your capital, try Immediate Edge for free, and remember that Immediate Edge is not Immediate Profit.

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