Investing Report Scam Review

Find Out Why You Shouldn’t Be Using This Auto Trader - Updated Review 2022

The majority of people who want to invest in auto trading are looking for systems that can offer adequate help during the trading process. For this reason, these individuals turn to auto trading robots. Many of these auto trading robots are available on the market, but some of these platforms aren’t legitimate and don’t help you achieve trading returns.

With that being said, Investing Report isn’t the answer for you if you’re looking for a viable auto trading robot that can help you achieve trading returns. We have conducted an extensive investigation of this specific platform and have unfortunately concluded that this site is a scam. The purpose of these cam bots, like Investing Report, is to steal money from traders. In addition to this, the private information you offer these scam bots during the registration process is leaked to other scamming platforms.

Our comprehensive and in-depth review of Investing Report works to inform those who are interested in auto trading platforms and are considering Investing Report as a viable option. We’ve done this to help you understand why this platform is categorized as a scam bot. In addition to this, we’ve also provided some further information and tips to help you avoid investing your time and money in other similar scamming sites.

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Is Investing Report Legit?

The Investing Report platform isn’t a legitimate auto trading robot. Numerous elements make this conclusion valid, such as:

What is Investing Report?

When reviewing the Investing Report platform, we identified that the site claims to be a fully-automated trading bot that’s designed for many different trading activities, including crypto trading. The purpose of this auto trader is to provide traders the ability to trade various crypto CFDs, which entails guessing the value of the asset at a certain time and then selling at a different value. You make money by purchasing these CFDs at a low value and selling when the market shows these at a high value.

However, the software incorporated into the Investing Report website doesn’t feature the right technology that helps you make these trades. Instead, you’re bound to lose your entire deposit within the first few hours of conducting a ‘live trading’ session with Investing Report.

This platform consistently returns losses to its users, which makes it a complete scam.

The Comprehensive Investing Report Review: Why Is It a Scam?

After our extensive investigation of the Investing Report trading system, we have concluded that it returns consistent losses even though it claims that it can offer users a great return on investment.

The website is detailed with various lies that can be found from the very start of the registration process. Once you deposit the funds into your Investing Report trading account, you can expect to lose all of this money within the first few hours of entering an Investing Report live trading session.

As we have listed below, the Investing Report is a website that’s presented as an auto trading robot, and the promises and systems included in this platform are entirely fake. One of the features that make this a scam bot is that the site doesn’t include any legal registration or regulation of its brokers.

The design of the Investing Report system is similar to other scam bots. The primary goal associated with these fake websites is to attract people who are facing financial difficulty. From the lists of reviews, we found many of these users had invested their savings into the platform only for this money to be lost.

One of the initial approaches to gain these users is through spam emails. Odds are, you’re likely on this review because of an email you potentially received from Investing Report and want to see if this is a vital investment option, which it isn’t. This email might have detailed that this system could help you make tons of money without having to do anything. If you receive an email like this, we suggest you never interact with it because it’s likely a scam. Here are the major points that helped us determine Investing Report was a scam bot:

Insecure Deposit Processes

We identified that the Investing Report trading system doesn’t employ any data protection policies in place.

An example of this is that the system appears to be keeping your billing information beyond the purpose that the website details it for. In addition to this, the website page where you can deposit money into your Investing Report isn’t encrypted. This means that hackers can easily intercept your information and copy your personal data, including your banking data.

It’s a Fake Web-Trader and Has Fake Partner Brokers

The web-trader that’s found on the Investing Report trading platform is a webpage, even though it looks like an auto trading platform. Thus, the system isn’t genuine. After our extensive investigation, we found that there isn’t a trading algorithm present behind this system.

For this reason, the results that are provided to its users are predetermined and unfavorable.

Due to this, there isn’t any live trading when using the platform. The mechanisms making up the Investing Report system are similar to scam robots, as it depends on the scam brokers to gain money from the users’ deposits. In addition to this, the brokers present on this platform aren’t regulated. For this reason, there isn’t any oversight. Thus, these brokers can’t be accountable for their actions and the deposits you make to this fake web trader can’t be returned.

The Use of Fake Testimonials

Investing Report designs its website with various testimonials that are plastered across its platform. However, our investigation shows that these testimonials aren’t genuine.

The majority of fake trading robots use these testimonials to encourage users to deposit funds and use the site to gain tons of money, like what is shown in these testimonials. Independent reviewing sites should real users who had completely different experiences. For this reason, you should invest your time or money in the Investing Report trading website.

Is Investing Report a Scam? Our Verdict

After reading our comprehensive review on the Investing Report trading system, we should have shown that this trading platform is a scam bot. However, if you’re still unsure why you shouldn’t trust your money with this fake auto trader, here are some reasons:

We can promise you with almost 100 percent certainty that you’re not going to gain any profits. Instead, the system is consistently going to return losses to you if you decide to deposit any sums of money into your Investing Report trading account. In addition to this, there’s also a high chance that this auto trader is going to provide your private data to other fake auto trading systems. This is the information that you provide the system with during the registration process.

From our thorough investigation, we have identified that this auto-trader doesn’t provide any data protection features. Adding to this, we also couldn’t find that the site is equipped with any privacy policy. Thus, this is an indication that the site is going to share your data with third parties without asking for your consent to do so.

For these reasons, our experts strongly recommend anyone to refrain from using the Investing Report auto trading system. However, we understand that you might want to conduct auto trading activities. If this is the case, we advise that users try auto traders that are reliable, legitimate, and trustworthy. Such auto traders include Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin System, and YuanPay Group. We have conducted in-depth and thorough tests on these sites and found that these are all legitimate trading systems that can return profits when applied correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We acknowledge that you might still have unanswered questions about Investing Report. For this reason, we wanted to offer additional information that can aid in your search for a reputable auto-trading robot.

No, Investing Report isn’t equipped with the right software and brokers to make this platform legit. When putting funds into your Investing Report trading account, these brokers are going to take your money without providing any returns.

The Investing Report site does have a feature that allows you to withdraw from your trading account. However, you aren’t going to have any funds in your account to withdraw if you use Investing Report as an auto trader.

Auto trading systems are commonly associated with being scams, and this is true for Investing Report. However, not all auto trading platforms are scams. We have reviewed various systems and found legitimate auto traders, such as Bitcoin Prime, Oil Profit, Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Profit and more.