Libra Method Review

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Trading is not a straightforward discipline even when you have the tools at hand. Still, many people are getting into the industry, which contributes to its impressive journey to becoming mainstream. Brokers and trading platforms continue to refine what they do with the hope of being chosen by all these new prospects.

As a trader, it’s not long before you realize that trading bots have a huge part to play in the equation. Some of them are available for free, and the functionality you need is present in spades. Unfortunately, not all designs are built equal, which means there are some badly built alternatives and others that are just scams.

The latter is an unfortunate result of Bitcoin’s popularity. People have an innate desire to profit and benefit from their ventures. Scam sites use this to their advantage to lure in unsuspecting victims to steal money and personal information. While there are illegitimate platforms that you can spot easily, others do greater due diligence, which makes identifying them a bit more challenging.

It’s our calling here at Trustpedia to bring even the most minute details the life, as we prepare you to take care of your trading interests in the best and safest way possible. We review both legitimate and fake sites, so you don’t make the mistake of investing your money in a black hole.

To this end, we have completed a full Libra Method review for you. We’re going to be upfront and tell you that it is quite obviously a scam, and you should run as far away as possible from it.

Naturally, you want to know a bit more about why we have taken this stance, and we completely understand. Not only do we intend to tell you, but we also speak to a couple of legitimate alternatives, so you don’t end your reading feeling lost and discouraged.

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General Overview – Is Libra Method Legit? Not Likely!

  • Trustpedia cannot give this site more than 10% for a legitimate score. While it does a good job of attempting to trick you into a false sense of security, there is just no information on how the platform works behind the scenes or the kind of technology that it employs.
  • We have no reason to believe that the algorithm is doing anything legitimate, assuming it is doing anything at all.
  • When you look at the wider Internet community, it’s obvious that reviewers don’t think too highly about Libra Method. However, all the testimonials on the Libra Method webpage would have you believe that it is the best thing in the world.

What Is Libra Method?

According to the Libra Method webpage, it’s a trading app that allows you to take part in market transactions involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bear in mind that we are not paraphrasing here. The site actually uses the words “other cryptocurrencies.”

Expect to have an incredibly difficult time deciphering what these other options may be. We were able to identify a lot of the regular indicators of scam activity too! One of the biggest ones is the generic information telling you that the platform performs well and has great software without even hinting at how anything works.

Observation would not be enough for a review though, so we also take the platforms for a test run when we are reviewing them. if we had not seen anything, our experience using it would have told the tale. The so-called insights that you get are woefully inadequate, which exposes the lack of a real trading robot behind the scenes.

Libra Method Review – Why Is It a Scam?

is Libra Method a scam? We suppose you could say that we are way past that point now as that question has been answered 10 times over. Unlike many of the other modern schemes that have moved away from unrealistic promises, Libra Method decides to double down on them.

It would have you believe that you are going to be earning anywhere between $950 to $2,200 daily. Of course, this is combined with “recommendations” from Bill Gates and the Winklevoss twins telling you how efficient Libra Method is.

It’s also forever in a pre-release date, which makes for a huge contradiction and quite a bit of confusion.

Some information is telling you that the site is operational and there are huge profits to be made. The so-called testimonials and notifications also clue you in on the supposed profits that real people are making. All this becomes incredibly questionable when there’s other information indicating that you are signing up ahead of release so you can profit in the future.

Which of the two are you even meant to believe? As far as how the software works goes, you are not going to be told anything more than an effective algorithm is at play that supports traders of all skill levels. Some proof would be very much appreciated, but there is none to be found here.

There are no security provisions made too, especially considering the information at the bottom of the page on the supported operating systems. These include Windows 7, OSX 10.6, and Android 1.6. All these systems would have been relevant in 2009.

Generic and Fake Software Information

We spoke about this in the previous section, and it’s one of the most prominent tells of a scam platform. If you didn’t know it was possible to say a lot without saying anything, you need only read through the Libra Method page once.

The site isn’t skirting around all the useful information by accident. If there is nothing to say, then what do you expect? The algorithm is a big joke, as there is only one statement about it that describes it as effective. What about it makes it so successful and accessible? How does it help you?

Instead of claiming to have security controls in place, Libra Method opts put logos from SSL Trust, GeoTrust, Symantec, McAfee, and VeriSign on its page to appear legitimate. However, none of these are affiliated with the platform or being used in the background. So, who knows how many third parties your information may be sold or given to for free?

No reputable website that is proud of the solution it brings to consumers is going to hide the important information in this way. Only a scam platform would do this and use rush tactics. You are going to notice that there is a constant indicator that time is running out and you need to sign up before registration is closed off.

No Brokers

The brokers that a trading site works with say a lot about its legitimacy. There is no way a well-designed platform that is trustworthy is going to affiliate itself with known scam brokers.

For reference, have a look at Benzinga’s best cryptocurrency brokers, which should help to guide you. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for agency regulation from organizations such as the CFTC, NFA, or FCA. So, who does the regulation outside for Libra Method? The obvious answer is that the site doesn’t answer to anyone, which means it’s free to scam to its heart’s content.

Trying to find insights on the brokers that Libra Method uses is akin to going on a scavenger hunt in the desert for a special grain of sand. In other words, you are never going to find it.

Other fake trading sites, such as Crypto Bank or Anon System display this same behavior, and you need to remain aware of it. Should you provide your money to any of these organizations, you had best chalk it up to a charitable donation.

Fake Trading Platform

We can’t even say that Libra Method looks like a legitimate platform at first glance. The moment you see a picture of Bill Gates and a supposed quote from him, you can already tell that some form of fabrication is going on.

Additionally, there is the operating system insanity that we mentioned earlier. Which modern system that is supposedly using the most advanced algorithm is designed to run on OSX 10.6, Android 1.6, and Windows 7?

Our research clearly indicated to us that there is no algorithm or robot present in the whole design. You can get some trading signals, but they’re just randomly generated metrics to trick you into believing that something is happening. At least Libra Method didn’t do the worst possible job of imitating a real platform in this regard.

The creators are smart enough to make the system appear as if it is yielding a profit in its initial phase. Of course, these supposed results are predetermined. Try to withdraw that supposed profit, and you are going to immediately understand the error of your ways.

No Security Measures

Some scam sites, as we indicated before, put some effort into trying to trick you into believing that they have the latest security protocols in place. They may describe them, or they may at least have a few sentences dedicated to them.

Libra Method in all its creativity decided to grab some of the logos of the most reputable security companies and stick them on its website with no further information. Imagine if someone were interviewing for an engineer’s role and was asked to present any certifications earned.

What do you think the response from the recruiter would be if that potential candidate were to grab some pictures of the logos of the most reputable universities and present them as credentials? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Well, that’s exactly what Libra Method did to pretend to be secure.

Understand that as far as compromise goes, your information is as open as a 24/7 gas station.

Is There Any Information on Libra Method’s Creator?

We think you already know the answer to this one without us even saying anything. Under what circumstances would a clearly fake platform provide any information on its creator or supposed parent company. Do you think the scammers behind it want to end up in jail?

The icing on the cake is the “about us” page that was clearly not reviewed for copy-paste correction before the information was uploaded. Not only is the information copied word for word from Bitcoin Revolution’s website, but nobody even bothered to change the words “Bitcoin Revolution.” We cannot make this stuff up.

Is Libra Method a Scam? The Verdict

We have done such a comprehensive Libra Method review to answer this one query. As you reflect on the points that we presented above, we can say that three things are certain in this world. These are death, taxes, and the fact that Libra Method is a scam.

Should you start your trading journey with this system, expect to wallow in regret in the future. Just in case you forgot all the glaring red flags that are dancing around on Libra Method’s web page, here is a quick review:

  • The information present is incredibly generic and provides no substance.
  • We can’t even say the trading robot is fake, as it never existed to begin with.
  • Logos of reputable security companies were put together to attempt to fool you.
  • There are fabricated testimonies from Bill Gates, the Winklevoss Twins, and a host of other people who probably don’t even exist.
  • There is no data about the creator.
  • No regulatory bodies govern Libra Method.
  • The “about us” section is a copy-paste from Bitcoin Revolution.
  • The supported operating systems are so far in the past, Barack Obama was only president for a year when they were relevant.

We could go on, but no one has days to waste talking about a scam site. The less attention Libra Method gets the better period

Give Immediate Edge, Oil Profit, or 1K Daily Profit a try instead, as these are trustworthy options. If you want a full list of legitimate trading robots, you can find one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider this section or wrap up with a few direct insights on Libra Method.

  1. Is Libra Method a Scam?

    We have absolutely no doubt that Libra Method is a scam, based on the obvious indicators we detected.

  2. Can You Earn Money on Libra Method?

    Since there is no trading robot present, you can never earn any money using Libra Method.

  3. Are There Any Safe Alternatives to Libra Method?

    There are a host of better options including Bitcoin Pro and Immediate Edge that offer real safety in trading.