Matrix AI Review


Online trading has become a highly popular activity within the financial world. The internet has made it much easier for people around the globe to create and set up a digital wallet to start placing trades right in their homes. There’s no need to go anywhere or place calls!

Though the digital era gives people more tools and lets them work efficiently, it also allows scammers and hackers to perform illegal activities to try and steal from others. These scammers try to replicate the trading robots and sell them as legitimate options. Beginners rarely understand the difference, and some experienced traders are fooled, too.

Typically, scammers try to gain access to legitimate trading software and change it slightly to make it steal money from people. Authentic apps are designed to make it easier for people to trade because things are organized and more comfortable for the user. However, the fake apps (and there are many out there) should not be used. Before you can avoid them, you must be aware of them!

The issue is that scammers are better at replicating those auto-trading apps and sell them, promising them to be real. Therefore, it’s harder than ever for traders to figure out if the app they’re using is authentic. That’s what this Matrix AI review is here to talk about.

There are various risks of using a fake trading website. These include having your information sold to a third party, losing your investment, and being hounded by the owners to spend more.

Low deposits
No fees
Withdrawals are easy
OPEN FREE ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Selecting the Right Trading Software

It’s important to choose the right trading software that meets your needs, and a big part of that is to tell you which apps should be avoided at all costs. This Matrix AI review focuses on the trading app that’s been around for just a few months.

There seem to be mixed reviews about this auto-trading app. Is Matrix AI a scam? It’s hard to say if it’s reliable yet. However, we do focus on the home page, features, and the platform for the software. When we’re finished talking about everything, we give you a full verdict to let you know if you should use it for making cryptocurrency trades.

What to Expect from the Matrix AI Review

Your experience here should be simple and easy. Whether you’re an expert or beginner trader, we make sure that the Matrix AI review is easy to understand.

This review is separated into three parts: the features, home page content, and trading platform. Those are the most important factors to consider when figuring out if the trading app is legitimate.

Our team of experts dives deep into the details, ensuring that you don’t miss a thing. We know how hard it is to tell if an app is a scam, especially as a beginner. That’s why we are here to solve the problem.

When you trade online, you’re working with real money to make the trades. Overall, trading is quite risky as a financial activity. If you combine that with using a scam website, the investment could easily be lost.

Now that you know what you can expect from the Matrix AI review, it’s time to get started. Is Matrix AI a scam? Let’s go through the points together to find out!

What Is Matrix AI?

Matrix AI claims to be a trading platform for cryptocurrency and is suitable for experts and beginners. The goal here is to help traders benefit from buying and selling crypto.

Overall, Matrix AI claims what most trading apps do, so there’s not much more to look at there. However, the interesting information is further down in this Matrix AI review. That’s where we talk about the platform and home page.

What’s Available on Matrix AI?

Once you arrive on the Matrix AI website, the content immediately raises a few red flags. Most people don’t realize it, but a home page tells you everything you must know and even points out if it’s a scam. Scammers rarely know much about trading, so they can’t know if their claims are true.

The company claims that Matrix AI can help people make money with small investments. These types of claims are ineffective because the crypto market is highly volatile. It’s impossible to make accurate predictions 100 percent of the time.

It’s best to avoid trading apps that tell you it’s possible to make tons of money. Generally, it’s hard to say if your trading experience is similar to someone else’s because everyone is different. Someone guaranteeing that you make money with an investment is clearly lying.

Another thing to point out about the Matrix AI website is that it claims to be trustworthy and authentic. We couldn’t find proof of those claims anywhere. Remember: anyone can say they can be trusted, but that doesn’t automatically make it so. With that, the company claims to work with the United States Trading Association, but there’s no proof of that.

Ultimately, if there’s no proof to back up the claims, they must be labeled as lies.

Overall, the entire homepage here is filled with claims about its algorithms, brokers, and all the rest. However, it doesn’t show proof. Finally, the team says this app has many positive online reviews, but we couldn’t find any. Keep in mind that we only used reputable review websites.

We try not to look at the reviews on the homepage or anywhere else on the site. They are often filled with fake testimonials or only have the most positive comments shown.

Though we did find positive reviews on the site itself, it’s crucial to go to outside resources to get a true indication of the benefits and safety of using the trading app.

The About Us Page on Matrix AI

Often, scammers don’t convince their users to register because of the “about us” page. In fact, most people don’t read them at all or even click to make sure the page exists. We understand that you’re interested in learning about the trading world, but due diligence is crucial.

The “about us” page should always provide information about the company. This includes how the owners created it, the names of the owners, and other helpful tidbits.

Unfortunately, there was nothing like that found on the Matrix AI “about us” page. Some scam sites don’t even have one, and we were initially surprised that this one did.

However, upon reading the section, we found that it only contained generic information. You get more claims about how the software was good for trading and a few bullet lists about the benefits of registering.

We realize that reputable trading software hides personal information about the people who created it. That way, hackers can’t harass them, and people aren’t hounding them for handouts and all the rest. Still, if a website can’t bother to give the readers some insight about how the software was developed, it raises a large red flag.

Overall, we weren’t satisfied with the information on the “about us” page of the Matrix AI website. The whole site is full of unrealistic expectations regarding profits and unverifiable claims. That leads us to think that the software is a scam.

However, our Matrix AI review isn’t finished yet. We still want to talk about the platform to determine if it actually works. Is Matrix AI a scam? Keep reading to learn everything you can about it!

How Does Matrix AI Work?

Functionality-wise, Matrix AI seems to work like other trading apps. The developers say that you must create a trading account, make your deposits, and then start trading. That’s all you really have to do. For those who aren’t quite ready to put in real money, they can practice with the app’s demo account.

Overall, this is all a standard procedure for trading apps, so there’s not much more to cover there. However, the interesting part is when you sign into the software. We noticed that it’s similar to other basic web traders, so there’s nothing special there.

The company claims to use an intelligent algorithm to scan the market trends at that time to generate signals that you can use if you want. That way, you can see the big picture and make smarter trading decisions.

That sounds great at first, but it can’t be 100 percent accurate. As we mentioned before, it’s almost impossible to make accurate trades all the time because cryptocurrency is highly volatile.

Matrix AI’s algorithm isn’t verified by reputable developers or companies, either. Plus, there is no information about it, other than the claim of being intelligent. Finally, the company says that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to make profits.

Trading requires a huge time investment. You can’t get results by doing a five-minute session each day. Instead, you must analyze the situation, determine your parameters for the trade, and wait for something to hit. Even then, things aren’t always what they seem, and it’s a toss-up as to if you profit or lose.

Those who want to progress must dedicate plenty of time to the activity.

Matrix AI claims to use an automated payout feature to take earnings from the trading sessions and deposit them into the account automatically.

We did see profits being added after the trading sessions, but we noticed an odd pattern. In a sense, there were many positive trades, and they all had similar earnings. That’s nearly impossible because of cryptocurrency’s nature.

Overall, we feel that Matrix AI uses pre-established amounts to make others think they’re earning money, but they aren’t.

On the website, Matrix AI says it has a customer support team to help you answer questions and learn about the system. However, this is untrue. We requested help with our withdrawal and never got a response about not getting our money.

We tried all three communication channels – live chat, email, and phone. None of them worked for us, which leads us to think that the company doesn’t offer a customer support system at all.

The withdrawal system is a crucial factor for a trading app. You want to get your money quickly. Matrix AI claims to use an instant withdrawal system. When you submit your request, you get your money within 24 hours.

However, the process was lengthy for us. It took a long time to submit the form to the company. Then, we never got the payment in the account. In a sense, our money was stolen.

The one thing that worked as smoothly as promised was the demo account feature. With it, you may test different trading strategies for as long as you want. Even after you add real money to your account, you may go back to the demo whenever you need to.

This way, there’s no fear of losing your money. However, the platform is quite basic, even for beginners. Therefore, there isn’t much that can be done here.

On top of that, there’s no point of having access to the demo account forever or signing up for the app. You can’t make money with the demo account and might not see profits when using the platform.

Is Matrix AI a Scam or a Reliable App?

We had many problems when testing the Matrix AI platform. Therefore, we can’t recommend it for those who want to improve their trading skills and get insights into the market to help them trade.

With that, we ended up having withdrawal problems. If you put money in and do see profits gained, there’s no guarantee that they get into your bank account to be spent.

If you want a trading app to help you trade cryptocurrency, Matrix AI might not be the right choice. It could cause more problems and cost you a lot of money.


Is Matrix AI a scam? After much research, we conclude that Matrix Ai is a scam site. The website doesn’t offer proof of its claims about functionality, and we feel that the web trader is fake.

It’s virtually impossible to make positive trades each time, especially for beginners. You’re learning about the market and system, so there are bound to be losses here and there.

If you find a trading app claiming to provide positive trades, it’s likely not legitimate.

Don’t get discouraged; there are reputable trading apps out there, but Matrix AI isn’t one of them.