Prestige Life Club Review

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  • It is easy to make an account.
  • Customer support is nonexistent.
  • There are false claims about making money fast.
  • It can be classed as a binary options scam.
Prestige Life Club Highlights
🤖 Type of Robot Cryptocurrencies
💰 Software Cost $250 deposit
💰 Withdrawal Fee Yes
📊 Type of platform Web-based
💳 Deposit Options Credit or debit card
🌎 Countries All – except USA

There are many scams on the internet regarding cryptocurrency, so everyone must stay vigilant before using any program for their investments.

However, scams like Prestige Life Club are becoming more popular because it promises traders that they will make large sums of money without even learning how to trade. This is false, but it is important to read reviews like this one to learn more. Continue reading to learn more about Prestige Life Club and how it is a scam. The claims are:

  • 95%-win rate claims.
  • People supposedly make $5,000.
  • Expensive deposit of $250.

What to do instead?

$250 minimum deposit
No fees
Withdrawals are easy

Is Prestige Life Club Legit?

When it comes to cryptocurrency scams, there are many popping up on the internet, and Prestige Life Club is an example of one. There are many reasons why this program is not legit, so continue reading to find out why.

First, the apparent owner is named Kyle Stanford. When a prospective user goes to the website and looks around, they can see Stanford explain that he is the ‘Head of Operations.’ There is a picture of Stanford beside this blurb, but a quick Google search shows that the image is from a stock photo website. That means that Kyle Stanford is not real.

If a user were to keep looking around the website, they would be disappointed to find out that there is no information on the real owner of this website. Also, there is no proof that there is a company involved either. Also, when someone puts the name Kyle Stanford into Google, they will find many other scam investment sites with the same name.

However, besides that name is a different photo! This is one of the first big red flags that show this program is a scam because the person who apparently ‘operates’ the website does not exist.

Second, the website promises people that they will make $5,000 a day without any training on the market. This is another red flag. It is nearly impossible for someone to generate that much income on a volatile market without prior experience with trading or markets. If any website ever claims to help someone make a large sum of money without teaching them how to do so, it is safe to say that the program is a scam.

Thirdly, the testimonials are fake. The testimonials tie into Kyle Stanford at the same time. We know that the name is phony and that the photo is from a stock photo website. However, Kyle Stanford’s name has also been associated with two other known scams, The Freedom Circle and Liberty BTC System. When you go and see the testimonials, you can see that they refer to one of these scams.

At the time of writing this, there was a testimonial praising The Freedom Circle on the Prestige Life Club website. This seems odd because the testimonial should talk about the Prestige Life Club website. However, the editors forgot to change the text when they copied and pasted this testimonial on the website.

Lastly, there is no information about where the company that owns this website is located. It is required, by law, that any investment program or company needs to have its address and contact information on the website. There are many scams on the internet that do not have this information on the website, and this is one of the fastest ways to know if a program is a scam.

Prestige Life Club has no information about where the company is located or how to contact anyone from the company. This is the easiest red flag to spot, and it is another way that proves Prestige Life Club is not legit.

Overall, Prestige Life Club is not a legit program or company. Instead, it is a scam, and people should stay very far away from the website.

What Is Prestige Life Club?

Prestige Life Club is a ‘club’ that people join to make money from the cryptocurrency stock market.

It claims that the crypto bot can use human logic to exchange someone’s money on their behalf.

How Does Prestige Life Club Work?

When someone wants to join a scam website like Prestige Life Club, they need to be aware of what the program tries to sell them regarding how the program works vs. what happens when they use this program.

If someone decides to join the program, this is what should happen:

  1. The user will fill out a form and receive a verification email.
  2. They will need to deposit $250 to access the program and the broker.
  3. A broker will explain the program to the user.
  4. They will then be able to start trading.

This is what happens when someone uses this program:

  1. The user will fill out a form and receive a confirmation email saying that their account has been made and verified.
  2. They will be prompted to deposit their $250 deposit right away to get complete access to the program and the broker.
  3. There will be no contact with a broker. Traders can wait until they speak to someone, but they will wait for the rest of their lives because the broker does not exist. Also, if they were to contact one, the broker is not licensed or registered with any governing body, so they are just another member of the scam.
  4. The program will copy what the live market looks like. People will feel like they have won money, so the program will encourage them to put in more money. Instead, the program takes this money away from the person and leaves them with $0 in their account.

Additional information about how the program takes a trader’s money down below.

Prestige Life Club Features

The biggest feature that this scam tries to sell people is the auto-trade functionality. Supposedly, the crypto bot will auto-trade the users’ money, so they can make money without even using the system. This is false because traders who make their money off the market need to complete their trades themselves. They do not rely on a scam like Prestige Life Club to make their money.

Another feature that the program boasts is 24/7 customer support, but this is not true. When someone has any questions – they will need to wait quite a while to get an answer, if they get one. Also, if the user does get a response, they shouldn’t be surprised if it is short and reads as if a robot has typed it.

When someone receives an answer that does not sound like it is from a Native English speaker, it makes people wonder why they have just deposited $250 into a program that should make them money.

Is Prestige Life Club Safe?

Anyone reading this review should know that this program is a scam and should not be trusted. This is also because a trader’s money is not safe with this program. Prestige Life Club is a binary options scam that is not safe to use because traders will most likely lose their money.

A binary options scam is a form of gambling. This is when the trader needs to place a bet on whether the value of the cryptocurrency will go up or down over a specific period. This shows that the bot is unsafe because it is not trading within the market. Now, many people would argue and say that they can make money from binary options, but it is nearly impossible when the time duration is less than a minute window for a trader to make their choice.

What happens is that the trader will deposit their money into the account so that they can have access to the program. However, the program does not work, and they end up losing their money. Except, Prestige Life Club will take it one step further than many other scams. This company’s program will copy what the live trading market looks like.

This creates a false sense of security amongst traders because they think they are working with the market and the crypto bot is looking after them. They will believe that they’re making profits from this system. The trader will then think about investing even more money into the system because they think they’re making money.

However, this gives the scammer more money to steal. This means people think that they may only lose a couple of hundreds of dollars, but many people lose thousands when they use programs like this.

Lastly, there is no information on the website that points to which regulating body is taking care of this site. This means there is no regulating body, and the company is not following any country-specific laws. Every program and cryptocurrency company needs to follow country-specific laws for people to be able to trade with the program worldwide.

Legit programs will have this information on its website. Also, people will be able to find out what kind of security system is put in place. However, all of this information is missing from Prestige Life Club. Instead, people can read that no American citizen is allowed to use the website, but apparently, everyone else can.

Prestige Life Club Pricing and Fees

People should be aware that they will need to pay $250 for a deposit. This deposit will allow them to use the program and trade their money. However, this is a lot of money to put into a trading bot. When any cryptocurrency bot is asking for large sums of money as a deposit, then it shows that there is a possibility of it being a scam.

Also, people will need to pay a withdrawal fee to take their money out of the system. Yes, many programs and bots will take a withdrawal fee because the money will pay people’s salaries. However, more legit programs and companies will have smaller commissions and fees. This is because there are a lot of traders using a program.

Prestige Life Club, and many other scams, will have expensive deposits and higher withdrawal fees because there are not enough people using the program. The scammer is trying to get as much money as they can from the people using the website and program.


There are many scams on the internet, but there are even more with the rise of cryptocurrency. Also, these scams are extremely dangerous because they will take a trader’s money under false pretenses. Many traders use programs like Prestige Life Club and believe that the program is making money on their behalf, but it is all a lie. The scammers have created a program that lures traders with a false sense of reality.

They believe that they are making money, so the program tells them they need to put more money into the program. Instead, people are losing money without even realizing it. This is because of how the program works. Before anyone ever uses any cryptocurrency program, they should look to find the licenses and registrations. Also, take it further and search for it on the government website.

This is an easy way for any trader to protect themselves against scammers who claim to have programs that will make someone money. Also, people should be aware of any spelling or grammar mistakes on websites like these. If someone is about to deposit $250 into a website, the spelling should be perfect.

Lastly, every trader should follow their gut. Most of the time, people will have that questioning feeling about scams like these, so they should follow that feeling and run with it. Do not trust a program if you have any doubts.

However, there are other options like BitiQ, Bitcoin Era, and Quantum Ai. Traders should always use legit programs that have been made to help people and not steal from them.