Prime Advantage Review

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$250 minimum deposit
Accepts credit/debit cards
Simple Set Up
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

Is This Auto-Trader Ideal?

Prime Advantage is an easy-to-use auto trading robot, and there are many of them on the market currently. The software claims that it could help its members make a lot of money by having you predict the current price of cryptocurrency and whether it is likely to go down or up based on specific analysis. Allegedly, the members of Prime Advantage can make up to $1,500 each day on a deposit of just $250. It also says that some of the members have made $3,000 a day. We do feel that this could be a slight exaggeration, but we have found testimonials that claim this and much more. Therefore, it is possible, though we don’t think it is likely for most members.

Today, though, our question is whether or not Prime Advantage is a scam? TrustPedia has performed a variety of tests and research and can now confirm that Prime Advantage is legitimate. How did we come up with this answer, and are we sure? These are questions you are sure to wonder, and we are going to explain everything in this review. Of course, we also focused on the feedback and testimonials from other users to get a better idea of what you might see in terms of results.

While we were on the search for appropriate user feedback, we were lucky to find almost endless reviews from ordinary people. They all claimed that they had made profits using the auto-trading bot, though most of them did not include specific amounts. We did find a few that mentioned making $112 in about four hours using the live trading platform with Prime Advantage.

Because of this information and many other things, we have confirmed that this auto-trading robot works properly and is authentic and legitimate. With personal investigation, we agree with all of the testimonials and believe them to be accurate and speak the truth.

Just remember that trading cryptocurrency carries risk, even if you use a trading bot like Prime Advantage. Make sure the amount that you invest is affordable for your personal lifestyle. That way, you do not lose the full investment or make a mistake that could cost you your life savings. Continue reading our comprehensive review of Prime Advantage to learn as much as you can about this platform.

Prime Advantage Scam or Legit? We Say Legitimate!

The Prime Advantage software offers a variety of essential features, just like similar auto-traders on the market currently.

We talked about it briefly earlier, but the statements we found from other members (testimonials) are generally positive, and each of them seems to have used the program extensively before writing them. Claims that are made by users have included that they made significant profits and only utilized Prime Advantage and no other tool. Some members mentioned making specific amounts of money, though most of them just said that they had made profits. Therefore, we find it very difficult to judge the testimonials on accuracy. However, with so many people claiming to make money, we do safely say that Prime Advantage is legitimate.

That said, we did run a variety of background checks on the information provided on the Prime Advantage website. This reveals to us that the program focuses on accuracy and uses transparency with everything it claims and does. Earlier, we spoke about Prime Advantage and its variety of online reviews, many of which have been very positive. About 90 percent of the members who wrote testimonials report that they have made some sort of profit using this website.

  • The Prime Advantage website and web-trader are highly secure. TrustPedia has confirmed that the robot handles its user’s data with full confidentiality at all times.
  • Our review has shown that Prime Advantage provides the best tools to its users, which can help to reduce the risks that are often involved when making cryptocurrency trades.
  • We have fully confirmed through our many tests that the web-trader for Prime Advantage is highly simple to use, so you do not require any background with trading (either cryptocurrency or anything else).
  • Prime Advantage offers its users the right information regarding its brokers. It must partner with regulated brokers, and you can learn more about them before working with them. This also ensures transparency.
  • With this particular auto-trader bot, there is plenty of online feedback from many other individuals and review websites.
  • TrustPedia has fact-checked all of the information found on the Prime Advantage website and has confirmed that it is completely accurate.

Overall, we do believe that Prime Advantage is trustworthy and very reliable, at least as far as Bitcoin auto-trading robots are concerned. TrustPedia reviews many robots on the market right now. The ones we recommend are all validated and are believed to be legitimate.

What Is Prime Advantage?

Prime Advantage is a web-trader tool that many investors have used to trade cryptocurrency. These people come from all throughout the globe to generate passive incomes while utilizing the internet to its fullest. You do not require any specialty skills to use the robot, and this also means that you aren’t going to need to know much about trading crypto.

The Prime Advantage trader robot helps you speculate on cryptocurrencies. There are many available, but Bitcoin is likely always going to be the most popular one. Primarily, the software relies on an algorithm to help you analyze the various markets. Big data comes into play here, and the reason it works so well is that it focuses on historical data (what happened that day in the past). Therefore, you can trade based on what happened then versus what you think is going to happen now. This is all automatic for you, as you just set your trading parameters for the day and let it run. The company claims that this bot offers accuracy levels of 98.9 percent, so you can expect to make a profit almost every time you use it.

We also found that Prime Advantage utilizes a variety of regulated brokers. These are the people or companies that oversee your transactions and deposits from the site. We cannot deem any auto-trader bot as legitimate unless it works with one or more regulated brokers. Of course, our extensive review of Prime Advantage showed us that it does have regulated brokers, and they all work well. Plus, you can find out the names of these brokers and research them for yourself to ensure that they meet all of your needs and do what they claim.

How Does Prime Advantage Work?

Like a variety of other trader bots out there, Prime Advantage offers high-frequency trades.

Therefore, the strategies used here are much different from on the stock market. In most cases, you buy/sell crypto at a very high risk to yourself, but you get more leverage from brokers. This bot works at significantly high speeds, which allows you to capitalize on the trade opportunity the second it’s presented. With higher leverage options, your trade is much bigger than the capital you have to invest, so your earning potential is greater.

Leverage on this bot is about 1 in 1,000. With your minimum deposit of $250, it’s possible to make trades worth about $240,000. Immediately, you can see the potential here. Of course, the leverage can give you a significant loss or return. There can’t be a miscalculation anywhere along the line, but this is why Prime Advantage is so ideal. It minimizes the risk because of the management features offered. Therefore, the bot is going to execute many trades at the right time and all automatically. Of course, you can see the many benefits of using such a bot. Still, we do recommend that you deposit smaller sums of money while you’re becoming familiar with the system. Then, you can reinvest the profits you make.

As we mentioned earlier, the management features are exciting and built directly into the platform. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything, but you can still gain access if you need it. Prime Advantage automatically has things set to default levels for beginners. It encourages you to leave everything as it is because it’s set to risk about 10 percent of your capital for each trade. However, you can change the settings if you decide to do so. That way, you can lower or raise your risk. Please remember that Prime Advantage isn’t responsible for any losses regardless of whether you change the settings or not.

Higher risks can mean higher profits, but the opposite is also true. Plus, if all the money in your account is used on a trade you lose, you must add more before you can continue trading. This is why it’s best to leave the default settings alone, at least until you’re more comfortable with the platform.

Why Choose Prime Advantage?

As we mentioned previously, Prime Advantage is unique because it allows you to trade crypto online with little or no experience. The bot runs automatically, so you really don’t do much. The process to join and set up your account are also easy. Plus, there are guides and other help options available if you run into a problem.

Here are a few of the reasons to consider Prime Advantage:

Prime Advantage is a world leader when it comes to trading bots because almost everyone who joins is profitable. From the testimonials alone, we can see that profits are there. While some have claimed to make $1,500 or more each day from low deposits, we aren’t sure if this is quite accurate, and it definitely isn’t going to be the normal profits.

While the software does use high-frequency trade methods to limit risk and boost profitability, nothing is guaranteed. Leverages and speeds at which you trade can magnify profits but can also be true for losses. Therefore, you should start with that 10 percent of your capital for each trade. As you get more experienced, you can try for larger amounts to see what could happen, but this is at your own risk. Prime Advantage offers similar returns as other bots out there.

Since the web-trader for Prime Advantage is automated completely, you don’t need any experience to use it. Create an account, invest your minimum $250, and set the parameters (or leave them at recommended levels).

The default level is 10 percent, and both Prime Advantage and TrustPedia recommend that you leave it there at first. When ready, just click the live-trade button and let the bot work. It does everything automatically for eight full hours, and you can live your life while earning an income.

With just an internet connection and a smart device or computer/laptop, the bot can run in the background. In fact, it’s best not to watch each trade because this can cause you to pause the bot out of fear. Remember, the software makes trades for you at the best possible moment.

Prime Advantage gives its clients great customer service. The brokers and agents work closely together, so your questions are answered on the spot without being transferred somewhere else. Plus, you can use it 24/7 and don’t have long to wait for your reply.

This was one of many features we tested thoroughly and confirmed that the Prime Advantage agents do respond quickly to calls and live chat. Email is also available, but it takes about 24 hours for a response.

When a company is transparent, it means that the information you need to know about it is on the website. Prime Advantage discloses all of its pertinent details on the site so that people can be informed and research their bots before making a decision. We did test this by performing a background check on everything, and it seems legit. Members claim very high win rates, the site itself works correctly, and you’ve got an easy-to-use platform.

The live test we performed showed that customer service is available to answer questions, which also pertains to transparency. Ask about the brokers and learn more about them before making trades. If you don’t decide to work with a particular broker, you aren’t required to do so and can be paired with a new one.

Other trading bots might not have brokers at all (they are scams,) or don’t let you talk to them beforehand. Since Prime Advantage does, you can research them first to ensure they are regulated appropriately.

About 10 percent of the reviews about Prime Advantage was slightly negative. We do feel that these people could have tried the bot and risked too much or otherwise didn’t understand the system. Still, with 90 percent of people finding the bot profitable, this means it is legit. Consider reading the testimonials for yourself to see what they say.

Even those who had no skills with Bitcoin or trading have made profits on Prime Advantage. Therefore, we think this bot is unique and feel it is the best choice for those who want a passive income without extensive research on cryptocurrency.

Prime Advantage doesn’t restrict you at all for the withdrawal process. Take out your money anytime you want with the short request form. It can take about 24 hours for payment processing to see it in your bank account, but this is relatively short compared to other bots. Plus, there aren’t any fees charged to withdraw your money, though banks could require fees, and that is not Prime Advantage’s fault.

With Prime Advantage, your security matters, and a military-level system is used. Therefore, data is protected when you sign up and as you deposit or withdraw money. Its privacy policy discloses all of the information about how your data is stored and used, which is highly transparent.

Getting the Most from It

While Prime Advantage automates the process, you can boost your progress. Though luck can come into play, good practices are essential. Reinvesting your profits could help you see gains of $1 million in just a year, though your results are bound to vary.

  1. Low Deposits. With a low deposit amount of $250, almost anyone can use the system. This helps you explore the options available and come up with strategies that work well.
  2. Stay Updated. Though you don’t need experience to trade crypto, it is a good idea to keep up with the news relating to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That way, you can see the patterns better and even capitalize on its volatility.

Prime Advantage Scam or Not? Our Verdict!

This extensive review has shown that we believe Prime Advantage is legitimate and that people can make money using the auto-trading bot.

We have gone through the testimonials from members, tried out the site extensively, and received fast customer service response times. Therefore, we know as much as we can about the bot and have conveyed it to you.