Profit Secret Review

Check out our Profit Secret App Review to determine if it is a Scam or Legit Robot?

Profit Secret is an auto-trading robot, and there are many like it on the market. It claims that it can get its users more money by accurately predicting cryptocurrency prices. The robot alleges that people can make about $1,000 every day from a deposit of just $250. Is Profit Secret legit? How can you be sure? TrustPedia has performed a live test on Profit Secret and can confirm that it’s legitimate. Through our research on the bot, we read other’s feedback to see what typical results might be like.

$250 minimum deposit
88 % win rates – no scam
Accepts debit/credit cards
OPEN FREE ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions

While performing our tests, we found more than a thousand testimonials from average people who used the system and made profits. Some people mentioned specific amounts. With just a few hours of trading, one person earned $111 in profits on Profit Secret. With such information available, we must confirm that the auto-trader bot is legitimate. It is working correctly, and the website has no lag time. Of course, our investigation went much further than the site and testaments because we wanted to make sure it was all true and accurate.

Please be aware that Profit Secret does contain risk. Any trading does, and you should make sure that you’re trading amounts of money that are affordable for you since it is possible to lose the full investment. Read more information below and find our comprehensive review of Profit Secret. Toward the end of the report, we provide advice to get more from the auto trading bot.

Is Profit Secret Legit? We Say Yes!

Profit Secret has all of the most important features that trading bots should have. We mentioned above that there are plenty of statements from people who have already used it and made profits.

They’ve all claimed to make profits (sometimes very high amounts) while using the tool. Of course, every testament doesn’t contain information about profit amounts. Since everyone who has written a statement earned something, we can safely claim that Profit Secret is legit.

Of course, we did due diligence and ran a background check on the website’s information. We have revealed that this company is transparent with its claims, and they are fully accurate, as well. Since Profit Secret has a variety of positive reviews about it, you can be sure you’re putting trust in a bot that is going to work for you. Almost 90 percent of all testimonials are from people who report that they earned profits while utilizing Profit Secret.

Overall, it is our belief that Profit Secret is reliable and a trustworthy Bitcoin trading robot. TrustPedia reviews all of the robots that are recommended in our lists to ensure that they are legitimate or not.

What’s Profit Secret?

Profit Secret is a simple tool that is used by investors of cryptocurrency throughout the world. This allows them to generate an online passive income. No special skills are needed to use the bot, and you don’t need to know much about trading or crypto.

This trading software helps you speculate on various cryptocurrencies, though Bitcoin is the top one. The Profit Secret bot utilizes algorithms to help it analyze big data and the market fluctuations. When you know what happened in the past on that day, the trading decisions are more accurate. Plus, it’s automatic, so you don’t have to do anything. Also, this bot features an accuracy level of roughly 92 percent, so you are sure to make money about nine times out of every 10.

Profit Secret uses brokers, and their role is to handle deposits and transactions. No auto-trading robot can be called legit if it isn’t partnered with regulated brokers. From our review of Profit Secret, we can tell you that the brokers are well-regulated and shown to you. That way, you can read reviews about them and ensure that they are safe to work with, which is also part of the transparency of the site.

How Does Profit Secret Work

Like some of the other reviewed trading bots, Profit Secret utilizes many different strategies for trading at high frequencies.

These tend to include you buying and selling crypto at a significantly higher risk while having more leverage. Since the bot works at high speeds, it capitalizes on each trading opportunity that opens itself up to you. You’re going to get higher leverage amounts (more money on each trade) because of the brokers. They allow you to invest small amounts while executing trades that are so much bigger.

This bot’s leverage is about 1 in 1,000. Therefore, you can start out with the minimum deposit amount of $250 and still place trades that are roughly $240,000 in value. Can you see this immense potential? Of course, you can! Please remember, though, that higher leverage amounts can equal better returns or higher losses. When a trade is miscalculated, even by just a few points, the losses are so much more devastating to you. However, this is why Profit Secret is popular. You use it to minimize that risk through the many management features it offers. It’s important to remember that the bot executes the trades on your behalf and does so at the best moment possible. Clearly, you can see all the advantages of utilizing Profit Secret while depositing small amounts. Then, when you’re more prepared and have money to reinvest, you can consider putting more money on each trade you make.

Remember us mentioning those management features just now? They’re built right into the system, so you aren’t going to have to access them unless you want to do so. When you sign up and fund the account, these features are set to the right default levels automatically. Profit Secret encourages you to leave them alone when you’re new and just beginning. Plus, it recommends that you never risk more than 10 percent of the capital on your trades. Still, it doesn’t forbid anything, so you can take bigger risks if you desire and change the settings to meet your needs. Keep in mind Profit Secret cannot be liable for losses, regardless of whether you’ve changed the management settings or left them alone.

Yes, high risks mean higher profits, in our opinion. Still, we must warn you that higher losses are also a possibility here. If you bet more than 10 percent for each trade, then you could end up losing the money in your fund all at once if the trade falls through.

Why You Should Use Profit Secret

Clearly, Profit Secret is a specialty tool that helps people make cryptocurrency trades online, even if they don’t have trading experience. The robot works automatically once you have set the rules in place. Therefore, no skill is needed to use this system. It’s also quite easy to join and set up your account, but there are help options available if you require them. The guides are straightforward and easy to read, which walks you through the setup process.

Here are just a few of the reasons that people use Profit Secret for online trading:

Profit Secret claims that it’s a world-leader for trading bots because it makes its users a lot of money. From the testimonials we’ve seen, we think it might be possible to generate about $1,000 every day from a low deposit. The company says that the software uses a high-frequency trade method so that users can make high profits.

Still, Profit Secret comes with risk. The leverages at which you’re trading and the speeds can have you seeing higher profits, but losses are also bigger when they happen. Consider only using about 10 percent of the capital on each trade.

The web-trader of Profit Secret is so easy to use that you don’t need to have experience. As we explain later, you create your account and make your deposit to start. It’s possible to increase and decrease the percentage of capital you use for the trades, but this isn’t recommended at first. Become familiar with the system and then make decisions about how much to trade.

Of course, the default settings are set at 10 percent. We recommend you leave it there for now. Just take a look at the various options so that you get familiar with them. Once you start live trading with Profit Secret, it works automatically. There’s no need to stay in front of your device all day. You do require an internet connection, but the software runs in the background, allowing you to do something else. Just spend about 20 minutes every morning setting up the parameters so that you can earn money on your terms.

Profit Secret provides customer service to all of its members. The agents work very closely with the brokers, which means you can ask anything and get helpful information quickly. In fact, you shouldn’t be transferred to any other department. Customer service is available 24/7, so you can ask questions when they arise. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 a.m. or in the afternoon.

We performed a test on the customer support feature and can confirm that agents respond quickly to live chat and calls. We also emailed the company to see how long it took for a response. It was roughly 24 hours later, but we did get our questions answered.


Potential customers can make a better decision about whether to use Profit Secret or not because all of the information is readily presented on the site. We ran background checks on the website’s information, and it all seems to be legitimate. There are high win-rate claims for all members, so we feel that Profit Secret has a site that works properly, the web-trader is easy to use, and it all flows well.

Of course, the live test we performed shows us that there is customer support available, so transparency comes into play here, too. You can ask about the brokers and find out more information about the ones you are working with. That way, you know that they are trustworthy and reliable before you start trading.

Most other bots don’t allow you to learn about the brokers before you deposit your money or make a trade. Since Profit Secret does, you can perform research on the brokers to see about reviews and regulation information.

About 90 percent of the reviews we read about Profit Secret are positive. Therefore, people who have used it say good things and make profits. You can read them for yourself so that you know this is a legit bot.

Most people who start using Profit Secret have no crypto trading background. Therefore, this software is very unique and might be the best choice for people who want something easy to help them make a passive income online.

There aren’t any restrictions and limits when withdrawing money from Profit Secret. You can remove money from the system whenever the mood strikes. Just fill out the easy request form located directly on the dashboard.

With a simple process, you can have your money in your bank account in 24 hours or so. Other bots can take up to 72 hours, and some never deposit the earnings into your checking account at all. We’ve confirmed that there aren’t any fees to make withdrawals on Profit Secret’s end. Still, you should check with your bank on its deposit policy.

Profit Secret features military-level security to protect the data. SiteLock and SSL are also included on the website and trader platform.

Get the Most While Using Profit Secret

The Profit Secret process is all automatic, but there are some ways to improve your chances.

A bit of luck is always helpful, but good practices are better. Regardless of how much you could make, you should reinvest some of your profits while withdrawing some of it, as well.

01. Make Low Deposits

The deposit amount is lower, so you get peace of mind. Explore the strategies and methods available to find the best one for you. Investing more money clouds your judgment and can lead to bigger losses.

02. Follow the Market

Though you don’t need to know much about crypto trading, it’s helpful to pay attention to the news. You’ll see patterns develop, which can help you determine when there is significant volatility. Profit Secret makes the most profits for its members when there’s high volatility, though it works on bear/bull markets both.

03. Get Started

You don’t need trading skills for Profit Secret. Create your account and deposit the minimum amount. When you’re ready, click the live-trade button and start making trades. There aren’t any fees involved, but the bot makes its profits by charging a small bit for the earnings that members make.

Our Verdict

We have concluded our full review of Profit Secret and believe that it is legitimate.

We have searched for testimonials from other users, and most of them seem to be positive. With claims that profits are made each day, you can feel secure utilizing this auto-trading bot.


Yes, this entire review has been talking about our reasons for saying that Profit Secret is legitimate. This is NOT a scam, and you can be sure that you are going to profit with time and effort.

Profit Secret allows you to have virtually endless earning potential. With a small deposit of just $250, you can earn $1,000 in a day. Still, there is no way for us to prove this number. Remember, you could see fluctuations throughout the days and weeks, so you might not earn money with each trade made.

There are no limits as to how much money you can deposit into your trading account. However, Profit Secret only requires a deposit of $250, and we recommend that you stick with that amount while you are learning the system. However, it is always your choice to add more.

Yes! Profit Secret ensures that you can withdraw the money you have earned, including that initial $250 deposit. You can do it at any time, and the company isn’t going to charge anything for it. However, we do recommend that you find out if your bank has fees and limitations about depositing money from trading robots.