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  • Suitable for advanced and beginner traders
  • Straightforward layout
  • Suitable for desktop and mobile devices
  • Issues with the withdrawal process
  • You might not get your money back
  • Features might be challenging to understand
TeslaCoin Highlights
🤖 Type of Robot Different cryptos, CFDs, Bitcoin
💰 Software Cost Free
💵 Withdrawal Fees No fees
📱 Type of Platform Mobile compatible, proprietary software
💳 Deposit Options PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
🌎 Countries All countries but US

Is TeslaCoin Legit?

Traders must be serious about what they want, and you should definitely examine all options before deciding. At the same time, being critical about each alternative and having a healthy dose of skepticism when you check them out are also two very good decision-making methods.

To determine if a bot is legit or not, you have to evaluate its characteristics, try it, etc. This review has concluded that TeslaCoin is not safe because it’s not a legit trading bot, it’s a scam.

Technology has advanced a lot, but there are still people with evil or egotistical intentions out there. Thus, you have to protect yourself and your assets, which is why steering away from TeslaCoin is the best idea possible.

Your assets are not safe with TeslaCoin. In fact, if you deposit something, you might never see it again. This bot states that it can help you make your trades by allowing you to see things differently, but you shouldn’t be fooled – it can’t do that.

What Is TeslaCoin?

Now that you know that TeslaCoin is a scam, you might want to know more about it to make sure that you don’t want to use it to make your trades. The first thing you should keep in mind is its definition: TeslaCoin is a trading bot that you might think you can use to make your trades, but it’s actually a scam.

Among all the trading bots you can use to improve your journey, this one is not innovative, it doesn’t offer anything never-seen-before in the history of crypto trading, ad it can make you lose everything you’ve worked so hard to get.

The descriptions of this app are so ambiguous that at first, you might not be able to tell what it does or how it works. This is a strategy that scammers use, often to make sure that the person behind the screen blindly trusts what they’re reading and deposit some money.

Unlike other trading bots, this one does not offer you anything new, and on the contrary, it can make you lose what you’ve worked to earn for so long. It’s not the ideal tool for traders, and it doesn’t give you various options to choose from in case you want to improve your decision-making process.

People used to think that using apps was unfair and that others shouldn’t do that. Fortunately, this is not the idea that traders have today because others know that people do that just to get help and use technology.

Even so, this doesn’t mean you’re without any risk. Now, instead of having to think about what others say of traders who use tech, you have to be careful of the tech tools you use, especially if you want to protect yourself from scammers.

Examining other bots might make you notice that each one is unique, and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. If you get a specific app, you might get different features, such as having various alternatives to choose from, being able to see the bigger picture, and much more.

Nonetheless, you don’t get any of this if you choose TeslaCoin. Instead, all you’ll obtain are vague options that lead to nothing because once you deposit money into your account, you’ll never see it again.

TeslaCoin is not the convenient option you should go for because it’s a scam. However, in the end, the decision is up to you. You can also examine the website and see for yourself – what does it offer? Are you able to examine the details of the options it gives you? Does it sound too good to be true?

The positive part of the previously mentioned questions is that those are things you need to ask whenever you’re examining a bot. If with the information the website gives you, you’re not able to determine the validity of the bot, it means it’s probably a scam.

How TeslaCoin Works

TeslaCoin is a scam and you know that by now. Even so, examining its characteristics is crucial because you need to evaluate each aspect for yourself and determine if you should use it or not.

Firstly, its layout is intuitive. Therefore, anyone might be able to use it regardless of their background, which is point number two – beginners and advanced traders can rely on it too.

Overall, this is where the benefits of TeslaCoin end. Although other bots give you different options for you to choose the most convenient one for your trades, this one is completely different – it doesn’t allow you to do that, and instead, it promises to do everything for you.

You’re the one responsible for your assets and goals, so it’s no surprise that you might be scared of TeslaCoin due to everything you have read so far. If you want to change, improve, grow, and see the bigger picture, you should find a robot that can actually help you.

Making choices is one of the most challenging aspects of trading because you have to quickly decide if you want to get the outcomes you’ve dreamed of. If you take too long, it might be too late for you to act on it.

With TeslaCoin, you can never put your decision-making skills into action because it’s supposed to do everything for you, including trading. Therefore, regardless of the fact that it has some advantages, it’s much more problematic than beneficial.

This robot stands out from the competition because it has numerous red flags that might make you think that it’s a scam (no surprises there), so even though it’s inside the category of ‘trading bots’ and some people might know about it, it’s definitely one you should avoid.

TeslaCoin is one of the worst robots you can find, and if you want to keep your assets safe, you should protect them at all costs. Stay away from this bot and don’t put any money in it.

TeslaCoin’s Features

When you examine different robots, you must evaluate their features. This stage of the process is one of the most essential ones because it allows you to examine each aspect of the robot in detail, which might help you determine if it’s good for you or not.

In the case of TeslaCoin, some of the features briefly appeared in previous sections of this review. It’s user-friendly, it has an intuitive layout, and any trader can use it. Furthermore, it’s available for all devices.

However, there is much more to it than that. On the one hand, TeslaCoin claims that you can make money basically overnight, and this is one of the red flags you should look out for if you’re worried about scammers.

There is no app or tool that can magically help you make money. Therefore, those kinds of promises are empty and false, and scammers often include them on the bot’s website to try to fool you, especially if you’re desperate to get more assets.

At the same time, the bot is supposed to make your trades for you, and this is another red flag. You should be able to decide what you want, and this is not possible with TeslaCoin, which makes things very risky because there won’t be anyone to complain to if you lose your money.

TeslaCoin also offers very few resources when it comes to learning more about trading and investing. Thus, if you want to grow, you should probably look for a different alternative. Tools like this want to appear better than they actually are, which is why you might sometimes get the impression that they are ‘too good to be true.’ If you think that, be careful because there might be some scammer nearby.

Is TeslaCoin Safe?

As was mentioned before, TeslaCoin is not safe at all because it’s a scam bot. Instead of offering you tools and services that can help you, it’s a smokescreen with one sole purpose: to get your money.

TeslaCoin acts as a smokescreen because behind it, there’s the real ‘robot,’ which cannot give you different options, help you decide, or see the bigger picture. What it actually does is take your money. Stay away from it!

Pricing and Fees

The pricing and fee structure is essential when you’re examining any robot, and TeslaCoin is not the exception to this. Moreover, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t have to pay for anything when you’re registering on this page.

Since you don’t need to pay, you might think that this is the most convenient bot for you, especially if you haven’t read any reviews that tell you otherwise. However, once you open an account, you’ll have to fund it.

Once you fund your account and the robot starts making your trades, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not making the most convenient trading choices for you and that you won’t see your money ever again. Thus, even though the pricing and fees that it offers sound attractive, you should overall try to stay away from this robot and choose a different one.


TeslaCoin is one of the worst trading robots you can find out there because it’s a scam. Using it means you don’t get convenient options, and instead, you’ll lose all the money you invest in it.

Since this review has proven that TeslaCoin is a scam, you might feel discouraged and not want to use trading bots anymore. However, keep in mind that there are fantastic ones out there, for example, Bitcoin Era, BitiQ, and Oil Profit. Check those out if you want to know more!

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