YenCoin Review

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Digital Yen Crypto
Minimum deposit of $250
OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions
  • Gives demo account
  • No fees
  • Secured using SSL Encryption
  • Only uses yen
  • Not mobile accessible
YenCoin Highlights
🤖 Robot Type Cryptocurrency + Digital Yen
💰 Platform Cost No fees, minimum deposit of $250
💰 Withdrawal Fees No fees
📊 Type of Platform Web-Based Application
💳 Deposit Options Credit card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Paypal
🌎 Countries All – Except USA

Cryptocurrency is the new and trendy form of currency, leaving the world of physical money behind. Slowly fading from day to day are coins and bills. Now it’s Bitcoin and Litecoin. If cryptocurrency is the new money, then crypto bots are well on their way to finding their place in the massive world of cryptocurrency.

Crypto bots seem to be a thing of the future. However, the future is now. As always, Japan appears to be three steps ahead of the trend, though. Coming up as a strong contender for the role of the best crypto bot out there is YenCoin. YenCoin is the Central Bank of Japan’s attempt to create an easy, accessible cryptocurrency of yen coin. Still, in the early stages of development, YenCoin is a user-friendly, automated trading platform powered by blockchain. This bot offers new features that could change the world of automated crypto trading.

Furthermore, this futuristic technology aims to help those who may not know much about cryptocurrency or trading can do it seamlessly. While still offering a sleek and efficient platform for seasoned traders to trade digital yen, Yen Coin provides easy access to the digital yen cryptocurrency, digital yen, set to launch by Japan in 2022. This YenCoin review will explore all the wonders of this new bot and some possible downfalls.

Is YenCoin a Scam?

The short answer is no. No, YenCoin is not a scam. The ease of use, lack of fees, and numerous incredible features can lead one to believe it is a scam. This project makes many promises making it hard to believe in the legitimacy of its work.

Since Yen Coin has not fully launched yet, it can be hard to judge. However, multiple Yen Coin reviews would come to state that Yen Coin is not a scam. The systems have undergone rigorous tests. This data, however, is difficult to find in the vast world of the internet.

What is easy to find is numerous reviews from different sources, all stating one thing. While this crypto bot may seem too good to be true, it is legitimate.

What Is YenCoin?

Yen Coin is a Japan-based crypto bot that trades the cryptocurrency of Digital Yen automatically without the user having to do it themselves. It is a crypto bot that offers automatic trading using artificial intelligence, a user-friendly interface, and high levels of security to keep you and your investments safe.

Moreover, YenCoin also offers easy registrations and demo accounts that others rarely offer their new users. These highlighted features make it easy for someone just getting into the world of cryptocurrency to jump headfirst without much research or time spent.

This web-based application does not need to be automated if the user chooses. Instead, a seasoned or well-informed crypto trader can use the crypto bot’s information to help the user make smarter decisions.

How YenCoin Works

Since Yen Coin is an automated based trading system, it works on blockchain technology to buy and trade cryptocurrency for its user. YenCoin uses its technology to consume and process large amounts of data at once at high speed. The highspeed processing feature makes buying and trading more efficient for the bot, thus promptly providing the user with more information about their investments.

However, using the automated system is not required. Users can also choose to manually buy and trade their cryptocurrency with helpful insights from the bot. The high-tech nature of the crypto bot helps manual users gain better insights to make wiser decisions.

Setting up and using the application is also easy for new users. Yen Coin walks you through the process and even offers a demo account to get acquainted with the platform and the trading process with cryptocurrency.

Once the user fills out the easy and quick registration form, the application will email the user. From there, the user will receive an email from Yen Coin helping them partner up with the appropriate broker to allow the user to get the most out of their crypto trading.

Next, the new user of YenCoin will be encouraged to make their first depositing. Like many applications, there is a minimum deposit needed before using the application. $250 is Yen Coin’s required amount. YenCoin offers several different ways to make the deposit, including credit and debit cards, making it easy for the user to be trading as soon as possible.

After making the deposit, the demo account is option is open. Your demo account is a space for users to learn how to buy and trade cryptocurrency. New and season users are encouraged to use the demo account to get a feel of how to use the platform and how trading cryptocurrency works before using real money. This process is deemed important by Yen Coin.

Finally, the user is ready to buy and trade their cryptocurrency in real-time. After getting a feel for the application, the user can use the insights from the bot to help purchase and trade their first bit of cryptocurrency.

YenCoin Features

YenCoin offers several features that are desirable to both new and veteran traders of the cryptocurrency world. The features offered with Yen Coin are geared towards an easy, educational, and useful experience.

Since Yen Coin offers such user-friendly ideals, each user’s registration process is quick and easy. Moreover, Yen Coin keeps it quick and straightforward without much hassle leaving you more time to get right down to your investments.

The first noted feature is the lack of commission fees associated with Yen Coin. Unlike many other crypto bots, Yen Coin does not charge fees of any kind to its users. This feature makes it highly desirable to others who are still unsure about cryptocurrency and want to give it a try without being hit with fees. The lack of commission fees is also significant for someone who wants to turn the highest profit they can without splitting that up amongst a bunch of hidden fees.

One of the most critical features that YenCoin offers is its high level of security. YenCoin uses SSL encryption, making it safe to use. Furthermore, Yen Coin also links to registered brokers with their level of SSL encryption for an added layer of protection to your information and investments.

The user-friendly interface is another great feature for those just getting started as a crypto trader. This interface is straightforward, while others are at times hectic and confusing. It also offers excellent customizable settings for both automatic and manual trading options. Someone who is just learning does not need to dredge through all the extras and confusing content that some applications add for more advanced users.

However, this feature is also valuable for an advanced trader. A seasoned cryptocurrency trader may already know exactly what they do and don’t want from their crypto bots. A simple, user-friendly interface can help speed up buying and trading for someone who knows exactly what they do or does not need. Yen Coin gives advanced users the information and the space they need to make their profits.

Accessing your funds as quickly as possible is a must-have for most users. Fortunately, YenCoin offers fast payments through various payout options, including credit cards, debits cards, or PayPal. In addition, YenCoin claims that your funds will process 24 hours after your request. This feature is not found in many other crypto applications that usually take multiple days to have your request processed into your account.

Entering the world of cryptocurrency for the first time is scary. Yen Coin offers a solution to ease the minds of its users. It provides demo accounts are also a truly unique feature to Yen Coin; not many applications allow users to learn how cryptocurrency trading works before diving headfirst into a new world. A crucial part like demo accounts is revolutionary and can become the norm for crypto bot applications going forwards. Inside your demo account, you can get a good feel for how cryptocurrency is traded without using your real money. It is a stress-free environment for the user to get comfortable before making significant decisions. Another safety-net feature would help a new user feel more comfortable getting into cryptocurrency through YenCoin.

A regular user of crypto bots can also benefit from the demo account since Yen Coin is a new application and seemingly different from many others. The user can familiarize themselves with the platform before trading live, so they don’t make a critical error their first time using the platform.

Is YenCoin Safe?

With cryptocurrency account hacking on the rise, it is only reasonable that the first question is, “Is it safe?”. Hacking is a huge problem in the world of cryptocurrency. The more popular crypto trading becomes, the more prevalent hackers also become. Ensuring the protection of your investments and information is always the top priority when doing anything online. With many applications promising a safe space for you to trade it can be hard to know which applications to trust and which ones to steer clear of.

YenCoin uses the highest level of SSL encryption to ensure those devious people who lurk around every corner of the internet don’t steal your money or identity. With SSL encryption, when your data goes from server to client, it becomes masked, ensuring that anyone who may be able to see your data only sees a jumbled mess of numbers.

As an added layer of protection, YenCoin connects to a registered broker with their SSL encryption, ensuring any time your data is sent from one place to another, it is secured from hacking. Being connected to a registered broker helps protect your account and put more trust into YenCoin. A registered broker has more than just their word backing their legitimacy.

YenCoin Pricing and Fees

While hard to believe, YenCoin has no fees. It does not take commission rates either. The only payment required to use YenCoin is a minimum deposit of $250 to get started. They do not ask for any other fees. Research does not seem like there are any hidden fees either, making this an incredible investment opportunity.

The lack of fees in a world where most platforms have at the very least commission rates may seem a bit suspicious. However, it is good to note that Yen Coin is a new platform trying to build their name and create a customer base. Being a new application with a lot of competition, YenCoin wants to make its name known and attract many new users to its charming, user-friendly environment. The lack of fees is the cherry on top of getting a new user through the virtual doors of its growing company.


Central Bank of Japan’s incredible technology in Yen Coin has many features that any user would want to participate in. A fresh take on older bots, Yen Coin makes an impact with its user-friendly, secure, low startup cost, has a choice of being automated and forward-thinking.

In addition, this application has various new and great ideas that can change the way similar applications operate, offering demo accounts and simple, fat-free designs.

While it may feel too good to be true, YenCoin is a legitimate automated trading robot for the digital yen currency, making it an excellent tool for any crypto trader to try out.